Monday, March 23, 2015

Work, Work, Work

My bike is fine. Lots of flat tires this week, I patched it but I think there's another puncture somewhere, I'll have to fix that some time in the next 8 to 10 weeks, because that's usually my response time to such things. I'll gladly pump up my tire every 3 hours if it means I don't have to actually take time to find a hole in my tube. The new handle bars are great though! They're kinda raised handle bars, looks way cooler than it did before. Other wise, other than just being constantly dirty, it's doing good.

I realized that if I wear my watch for a week straight, that part of my wrist goes back to the same shade of white as the rest of my body, so I've officially given up all hope for ever getting a nice tan for the rest of my life, because it is fleeting and I'm destined to be a vampire for ever.

That sounds fun with the music stuff. I was informed a couple days ago that myself, Elder Pace, Phippen, and Davidsen are singing Lead Kindly Light for Zone Conference tomorrow. We're getting a practice today, and then we're performing. I think Elder Martinez is the only authority coming tomorrow, so that'll be fun. Iverson is playing the piano, so the program will probably read "Lead Kindly Light performed by Elder Iverson, accompanied by vocal backup." Because he's really good. And from Vancouver.

Doctrine and Covenants is pretty cool. I'm going to try and read 40 sections per transfer, so I'll finish it within the next 18 weeks. It's pretty cool. I had a neat experience at church with the scriptures being called to my mind when I need them, like it promises in section 100. But in gospel principles the teacher on the spot just looked at me and asked me to pull up that scripture about the proper usage of the priesthood. For about .7 seconds I was freaking out because I had no idea, but then I just flipped it open and turned to section 121 and I had it. I'm never sitting in the front row again! But that was neat. Proof that God loves me.

We had a pretty cool conversation today, just on the topic of interesting gospel discussions, because as missionaries we have them in the house all the time. I'm sure if our neighbours heard us they'd be pretty confused, but we had a really cool conversation on the idea of families being together forever, and how when we receive the Holy spirit of Promise and when we're sealed in the temple how it all kinda ties together, and then how we can mess it up and the different kingdoms and stuff. I like knowing stuff and being in a house with two newbs, because I learn best when I teach, and I get a lot of chances to teach here.

Week was good, best week of the transfer, almost met our goal of 20 investigator lessons a week. Would've done it if the people we taught wouldn't stop cancelling. It rained but surprisingly it didn't mess with our schedule much, thankfully. Made some boiled and fried dumpling, that was pretty easy though. We get fed twice a week usually, Sunday and Wednesday by the Moody's and the Harrison's. However, I've got a couple ideas on how to make it 4 appointments a week! I got really good at getting meal appointments while I was in Portmore, I kinda stopped when I got here because I ended up getting incredibly sick of food and I would get depressed when people would offer to feed us. I used my talent a little too much and got way out of hand. No missionary needs 10 meal appointments in a week. So I have retired that particular gift until a later day.

Week was good though, we're working with some good people, we have 15 new potential investigators that we're hopefully seeing this week. We've got 5 people working towards baptism, ranging from next month to June so we're praying for their success! 3 of those 5 will probably get baptized while I'm here, we're planning for 4 or 5 people to work towards baptism mid summer, which is really exciting! I've found that nothing makes time fly like teaching. I love teaching! I enjoy contacting, and finding, and stuff. But if I could just be supplied with a schedule every morning and they would just send me out to teach, I would do that happily. Just teach all day long for two years about the gospel. Maybe I'll go into CES when I go home, I thought about that a lot before my mission, but I don't know if it's for me. Church history is cool too.

I almost got a Koran off some Muslim guy last week. Their religion sounds incredibly similar to ours in a lot of ways, but completely different in most other ways.

Works still improving, we're working on being more bold with people. I don't know what it is, but people love to lie to us, and it's getting out of hand. So we're going to start confronting these people and asking them to be adults about it. It's really annoying, teaching grown people, and they don't have the decency to be honest. There is nothing worse than planning for 8 people coming to church, and having 0. It's probably the worst feeling we get. We're working with some great people though, we usually have 3 to 6 at church which is wonderful. I wish I could go back to Portmore with the knowledge I had now and serve there, maybe do a better job.

This week flew by, watched a lot of doctrine and covenants resource DVDs. Those things are great. Watched some conversion stories, like W.W. Phelps and Brigham Young and stuff.

Well I hope the week keeps going good, tell everyone I say hi! I might just forgo buying any form of real food and just buy a dozen cans of sweetened condensed milk and live off that for the rest of the month.

Elder Zeck

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