Monday, March 2, 2015

Training - Still Spanish Town

Week's been pretty good, just going through the motions! I got a letter from Grandpa Young but nothing else yet.

The week's mostly been full of bike issues. We received our trainees on Wednesday at transfers in the afternoon, and we didn't get to find out our trainee until they announced it, so I got Elder Palmer. He's from Moses Lake Washington, he's pretty cool! I got to go up and bear testimony at the front and welcome him to the mission, and from there we went home and started teaching. Elder Davidsen, fellow Canadian in my house, got Elder Ostrowski, from Utah or something. Layton I think. They're both really cool, and it's kind of a neat experience having two trainees in the same house at the same time, because they knew each other from the MTC. Lots of good stuff to come.

My hair cut still freaks me out when I look in the mirror.

I was told once by a member that when he first visited America, he thought that all white people were rich, and the sight of a homeless white man was a shock to him. So that's what people think of us I guess.

But yeah, bike issues. Elder Palmer came in and the mission didn't have enough bicycles for the new missionaries, luckily I knew where a bike shop was nearby so we went over and got the bicycles, they were pretty good, and about 100 dollars cheaper than the price the mission sells bikes at. I don't know how they price those things, maybe they have a bad supplier. So first day, Elder Palmer's bicycle brake somehow gets inside his tread, and blows up his tube, so I had to tow him everywhere, which involves him side-saddling my crossbar in front of my seat, and I just sit and peddle. I'm sure that looked great for the missionaries, to see some white guy straddling another white guy on a bicycle. So that was a thing. Later that night we had to go somewhere and I gave Elder Palmer my bicycle and Elder Davidsen towed me Bohemian style, where I just sat on the centre of his handle bars. That was pretty cool too. I ended up running for a good portion too along side the bikes, it was hectic. The next day we found a store that sold his size of tires and I helped him take off his tire and put it all together. Then that night we were biking down the main road and my crank (where the pedal is connected) snapped off, so I only had one pedal until this morning. We got the Zone leaders to give us a ride to a bike store and we ended up teaching a guy that lived close by while my bicycle got fixed. I tried putting the crank on myself once, but right when I got to the last piece I discovered I didn't have the tool to get it all off the bike, so I had to put it all back together and walk to a bike shop. So I've had to drop too much money on bicycle repairs this past month, I hope it's over. My bike runs pretty good now.

We had a trainers meeting on Tuesday where Prez and the APs taught us how to train, that was pretty cool. But training is good, he's a pretty good guy, we have enough in common. We get along really well, and I'm just doing my best to help him adjust to the area as soon as possible! There were 5 Elders and 5 Sisters that came in, and quite a few left, including Elder Groesbeck and Bateman. But yeah, training is great.

Played Basketball on Saturday with all the Spanish Town missionaries, I actually didn't embarrass myself this time! I made some points and stuff. I still don't know how to play though.

Our numbers this week weren't very good, so I'm hoping that's just because of the two days lost due to meetings, I'm sure this week will be back up to par, or better.

Because of the bicycle stuff we had to walk all day yesterday and I'm still tired. We walked about an hour to church and back and to all the lessons, but we still ended up teaching 4 lessons, so it was still a good day! Hopefully this week will keep getting better. I was comparing our numbers now to when I first got here, and it's nice to see our hard work and prayers pay off. There's been a huge improvement, and I think it'll keep getting better.

Other wise, it's been a good week, not a whole lot happened. We've still got some solid investigators working towards baptism, and quite a few new ones with some great potential. I've made a lot of peanut butter cookies lately and I think I made myself sick for a while, I'm going to start cooking real Jamaican food this month, we'll see how it goes. I don't think it'll be too hard, I'm an awful cook so I guess I should learn now! I've lost about 10 pounds since I came to Spanish Town, so I'm gonna try and eat better so I can lose the rest of what I gained the last few months. Hopefully Elder Palmer won't make us start running. That would be lame...

cool, tell everyone I love 'em! I'm exhausted right now, but I'm doing well. There's a lot of great missionaries out here. I'm excited for my 30 minute nap tonight.

Elder Zeck

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