Monday, March 9, 2015

Loving Training and Worried About Estrogen??????

Sounds like things are good!

We recently had a member of the stake presidency speak in sacrament meeting. He taught a part of it on the doctrine behind receiving the more sure word of prophecy, I'm pretty sure it completely flew over most the congregation's heads. But it was really powerful! Very interesting topic to study.

Being a trainer has been good. Elder Palmer is doing well, he's picking up the teaching aspect really quick, so we've been able to get into equal teaching fairly easily, which is really nice. I've been exceptionally tired the past couple days though, I feel like I've been fighting a flu for almost 3 weeks now, but I haven't actually gotten sick, so nothing to worry about! But, I've just felt like I'm about to get sick, for a while. Probably just tired. I'll go to bed early tonight. It's all good though, training is fine, the extra hour of study where I teach him some of the fundamentals of missionary work is alright, it means we teach less, which I don't like, but it's definitely important and I like having the chance to share my experience with him. He's doing really well though.

Every group is different when it comes to missionaries coming in and leaving, 10 came in for this transfer. It all just depends I guess.

I got that letter the other day! Thanks for the pictures. If you ever want to send more, feel free! I'll sign that letter and try to send it out next week. I just need to sign it right? I can't remember all the other info it needs. The recipes are good though. I've been cooking more this week, it's a little cheaper. I've been eating a lot of rice and mackerel, I made rice and peas a couple times. The fried chicken went pretty well actually! For dinner one night I made rice and peas with fried chicken and roasted breadfruit, it took up most of our dinner hour, but I was surprised with myself! It actually tasted good. You can even just email these, but I want a recipe for crepes, I need to know how to make fried rice, chicken karrage, curry chicken, and chocolate chip cookies. So those are some ideas.

Also, is it true that consuming soy product will make me start to produce estrogen? Because I love soy milk, and I found this really tasty cheap stuff the other day, but... I don't want to start to produce estrogen! Is this fact? Because, I NEED to know! I've drank a lot of it...

My bicycle is pretty crappy. I have to take off, and then put back on, the pedal crank almost every day, and I cracked another pedal the other day. I bought a tuning key, so... If you could send me like, a pdf, or a link on how to use one, that would be great! I watched a bike guy do it, but I don't think I completely grasp the concept yet. We had to walk to church last Sunday, and that wasn't as fun, so I'm hoping the worst of my bike issues are over!

The week was pretty good. Only got to teach like, 20 lessons which is too bad. We're shooting for 30 this week. We had three consecutive days, where every single lesson for the whole day cancelled, I don't know what it is. It was a little frustrating but we were still able to scrape something up, which was a blessing in itself. We're hoping to have 4 or 5 people on date for baptism by the end of the week, which would be great!

Conference is coming up, it feels like it was just yesterday.

No cool stories this week, other than I'm basically a master chef. But we've had some good lessons, the work is still picking up! This area has gone from nothing to something in just over a month! I feel like a lot of the people we teach are sad right now. Maybe it's just in the air, part of the season.

I'm just glad that the Lord has blessed us with the amazing people we get to teach. We have some pretty humble and genuine people we get to work with, people who have diligently and sincerely sought out truth, and has found it! As members of the church it's easy to take this stuff for granted, and feel like because we've already found truth, that we don't have to search for it anymore. Then a breeze of doubt comes along and we've got nothing to hold on to. If I've learned anything from my mission it's how to sincerely seek for answers. Something that every single person on the Earth will have to do, whether they're a member or not. Every body needs to sincerely search, with real intent, and then ask God. I feel like a lot of people just don't get that. I've learned a lot, needless to say, who would've thought?

I hope things continue to go well at home! Tell people I say hi! And please answer my soy question honestly, inquiring minds need to know...

Elder Zeck

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