Monday, March 16, 2015

Bike Issues - Still Alive

Elder Palmer and Elder  Zeck
It rained yesterday, which was too bad because my bike broke again.

I should probably just make a part of this letter dedicated to my weekly bike issues.

BIKE ISSUES: Elder Palmers bike held up pretty well this week actually. I was riding one morning and suddenly my left handle bar snapped off. I almost fell off, however, my incredible mongoose-like reflexes saved me. So I rode the rest of the day with one handle bar attached, and I just held onto the other one because it was still connected to my brakes. People thought that was hilarious. That evening I bough new, way cooler, handle bars, installed them. Later that night I hit a pot hole and the handle bars fell forward. Luckily I still have pretty good reflexes so I didn't get catapulted over the front. So i essentially rode with no handle bars home. Then we walked all day Sunday, and this morning I bought a new neck and installed my new handle bars. I think they should be good now. I think I'm going to need to buy new gears soon too, they're bent way outta shape, but they've been like that for a while now.

I'm awful at basketball. I made one basket on saturday, and that's because I took a crappy shot, the ball balanced on top of the back board for a half second and then rolled off into the hoop. I can't lay up either. All I can do is tune pianos.

I saw Elder Koegler today, I had to give him some extra baptismal suits today so him and Elder Adams came to Spanish Town. That was cool. He says hi.

How do I make my baked chicken less greasy?

I need a recipe for brownies as well.

Palmer's doing well though. We've had a rough couple weeks though, literally almost everybody is cancelling. So that's been really tough. Cooking is good. I make a lot of rice and peas and chicken, crepes. I like to fry up rice with veggies and seasoning and stuff, and then I add some mackerel in it with a little ketchup and I just do a bunch and fry it all together and it'll last me 4 or 5 meals.

I haven't worn those new shirts yet, I'm still fat and I'm afraid to wear them. I'm good on everything though. I've acquired some new pants too.

Week's been alright though, we're helping a less active guy learn to walk, it's pretty cool. To show his faith that the Lord can help him he left his wheel chair at home and only came to church with his walker, which was really hard for him, but he knows that's how he's going to help his body recover. He was stabbed in the back like 20 years ago, and the doctors said he should've been paralyzed for life, but miraculously he has the potential to walk again, so he's finally coming back to church and I guess he's finding a lot of support there. He's awesome.

Not much else happened though, lots of new people to teach hopefully. We're going to have to start dropping investigators who haven't progressed in the past couple months. I made that mistake in Portmore, dragging people along for the sake of teaching lessons, it was a waste of time. But, we have 4 investigators that I'm pretty confident will make it to baptism. At this rate, I might not be here to see it, however, that's not the important part, obviously.

I just realized today that I've taught myself how to play ukulele, so if you want to find me a cool homecoming gift, a ukulele would be cool. Like a nice one. Or a car. Or a Vitamix or something.

The other Elder took my camera cord again, so if I get it back I'll send some pics today.

Hope stuff's still good! I'm doing good, just tired.

Toiletries are fine. I ran out of shaving cream, but I'm getting more today. I don't like shaving, I can't wait to go home and never shave again.

Elder Zeck
A culinary masterpiece

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