Monday, February 2, 2015

Working Hard

MAMADEB: I asked James about some things like depression in the mission and updated him on US/Cuba relations because Guantanamo is part of the Jamaica Kingston Mission. I asked about shoes and food.......

I think it's funny how Lethbridge was the hottest place in Canada. Some nights it gets down to 15 or 20 degrees and I'm shivering all night long. I don't know how I"ll survive coming home.... I've still got like, 2 years anyway.

What's the Super Bowl?

Yeah I've seen missionaries get home sick, and I've seen missionaries who suffer from depression and stuff. I guess there was a study, and the average BYU student experiences stress around 45 (whatever that means) and then a missionary usually experiences around a 65, and I think a missionary learning a language can feel stress all the way up to an 80 or 90. So, there's that statistic. I don't really know how it's dealt with, there's a book called adjusting to missionary life that the church has concocted and I think it has a section on it, but I never really read it. Praying is pretty good though. I knew an elder who went home, but he also suffered from bipolar and clinical depression, so it was probably best, I saw it coming. I get anxiety now and then, but I don't think it's debilitating. I've noticed the longer I'm out, the more stressed I get, maybe because I'm understanding the weight of my calling more and more. But if I didn't have the stress then I wouldn't be working so hard to do better. But i don't know, it's just something I've learned to manage. I don't really need to deal with it.

Yeah the whole Cuba thing. I know missionaries Skype teach some people on the Naval base, but no one goes over there. I've talked to missionaries who've been in leadership for a while, and they wouldn't be surprised if Cuba allowed a couple missionaries into the country in the next 3 years. President Brown goes over every once and a while with his wife. I don't really know much more no the topic than that though. It would be part of our mission though. It'd probably be Spanish speaking.

My shoes are good, they don't stay polished for very long though. I also don't really know how to polish shoes properly, but I think i do it right?

Recipes, most things are pretty accessible, so just send whatever. I'm buying a Caribbean cook book today I think, or maybe a cake cook book... I don't know, I think I'm losing some of the weight from Portmore, but it's hard to tell, I don't eat as crappy but I think I destroyed my metabolism, so it's going to be hard to get rid of. I work out like, once a week, I'm so exhausted, waking up before 6:30 AM is impossible.

Sounds like everything is good!

My week has been alright, the area is still getting better, we taught 19 lessons this week, which is better than last week! I went on a couple trade offs with some other Elders. Sinea from Bahamas, and Bateman from Edmonton! So that was kinda cool, being a district leader is definitely a different view of the work. All leadership means is that I have to do more service, but I enjoy it. I'm still learning though.

Met a guy named Farkison

We helped a less active guy get a new wheel chair, and he came to church for the first time in forever this Sunday. This Sunday was the Caribbean Conference broadcast. Bonnie Oscarson, Holland, and Packer spoke. It was pretty cool! How old is Packer? Soon dead probably, but he's still got it.

I've been compared to Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber too many times this week.

I had a sad moment where I cut myself shaving and didnt' realize it, got blood on my collar...

I don't know, it's started to rain a lot this week, but the lessons are still going well.

We got to have a neat experience this week where some Elders from Linstead called us and asked us to visit a guy in the hospital in Spanish Town here. I guess he ate some Aki that wasn't prepared properly and got really sick, and then the doctors found gall stones inside him, so we went in. He's a less active guy, but he really wanted a priesthood blessing. As we were leaving his mom walked in and talked with us for a while. I think the amazing part is that earlier that morning while reading through my patriarchal blessing I felt as though I should pray for more opportunities to exercise the authority of the priesthood. Not even 8 hours later we got a call. The other elders didn't pick up their phones, and the hospital was in their area, but we happened to be passing through there on the way to our area. I just think that the fact that God is listening is pretty awesome.

Well, I hope this week goes well! Hope everyone is doing good. What classes does everyone have? Hopefully this next week will be more lessons for us! the transfer is already half over, which is crazy. I feel like I just got here. And I'm so busy all the time, I'm working from the time I wake up to the time I get to bed, I'm amazed some days that I can get through them, it's physically and mentally strenuous. But some how I do it! I did not expect it to be like this.

I forgot to mention I had my first long bike ride this week. We have an investigator that lives an hour bike ride from our house! That was pretty crazy. Not a fan, so we biked an hour, taught for an hour, luckily she gave me some OJ, then biked back for an hour. I was glad it didnt' start raining until after we got back to our house after.

I also destroyed at a 7 year old at ping pong, I don't know if I mentioned that before. That was awesome

And something else that was kinda cool, we're teaching a couple right now who's pretty.. well, they don't always get a long. But the wife is a member, and the husband isn't, and it's pretty evident that they don't hate each other, but they don't get along. We started teaching her husband, and we invited her to join us in the lesson, and at first it was kinda weird. We taught about the Book of Mormon and we went over why it was important and what it means for us. And as we discussed, as we asked them both questions, and as they both gave insights, it almost got to a point where they were asking and answering each others questions, there was a good chunk of time where we didn't actually talk much, and it was kind of adorable watching them testify of what they know, basically at the same time. The Book of Mormon made a lot of sense to him after that too, so that was really cool! They physically got closer and closer as the lesson went on. Just goes to show that the gospel really was made to bless families, being the primary unit of the church. It's easy to forget that the home should be a holy place, comparable to a temple. Hopefully the couple starts to read together, it was just kind of a neat experience.

I've also made a new hobby of buying jewelry off of Rastas I meet on the street! I got a cool necklace for 500 the other day!

And some guy got stabbed, shot and had his throat slit last week near our area. Yeah the guy died, it was pretty rough on the neighbourhood, he sounded like a nice guy too. There were more murders in my area in Portmore than my area here, although Spanish Town is probably one of the more sketchy parts of the island. I love it though!

And I had goat brains one day. True story. I didn't know it was brains until I left. It's called mannish water, there's usually testicles in it, but I guess he forgot?

Tell everyone I say hi and stuff. Send me more ties! I keep trading them with Jamaicans, and I need more ties to trade.

Cool. Also, ants got in my Nutella. I'm eating it anyways.

Elder Zeck

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