Monday, February 23, 2015

Teaching, Service, Transfer News, and that Haircut

Hey. Emails are a bit late this week, we were at a restaurant a member owns, he taught us how to make rice and peas and curry chicken, my fingers and nails or stained yellow from the curry, but it was really good! I gotta learn how to cook better, I'm getting tired of oatmeal and peanut butter toast. I've basically survived off that for 7 months... Can I have a recipe for those death by Oreo cupcakes I found forever ago?

I haven't met a single aggressive pit bull out here, maybe it's the weather, but they're awesome! Our neighbours dog just had puppies, those are kinda cool. They're running around now, it's been a few weeks. You might see my hair cut today if I have time to send pics. The Internet is awful here.

How was dads talk?

Transfers was good. Elder Brown is going to Negril to serve with Elder Tuala, he's my grandpa, he trained Elder Hunt. He dies this transfer. Then Sinea is going to Junction, and Bateman is soon dead. So Elder Campbell is getting Elder Pace, which is cool, because he was my district leader in Portmore, and now I'm his! And then Elder Davidson and I don't know our comps yet, we're both training I think, that'll be cool. I've always wanted kids.

Most P days we email and shop and then go home and just relax. Nap for a couple hours or bake or something. Elder Davidson likes to sing so we play music. Mostly nap and study though. I've been trying to memorize scriptures, I started a couple weeks ago and I've already got about 37 verses memorized. Only 163 to go!

Elder And Sister Hall are in my ward, so that's kinda neat. There's about 150 missionaries in our mission I believe.

This week was pretty cool. Did some service for a recent convert lady, she lives at the bottom of this rocky hill, so Elder Brown and I carried sand bags for an hour and a half from the top of the hill down to her house so she can add on to her house. That was pretty fun, her two youngest sons helped us out, they were pretty crazy, wrestling and stuff. They didn't move much sand, but they were a lot of fun. I got some pictures with them. Just reminds me how white I am. My hair cut is awful.

It rained really hard the other day so we couldn't teach, because when it rains the whole country turns off.

Didn't have to teach district meeting because of zone meeting! And no meeting this week for transfers. I think I'll see Elder Groesbeck and Elder Hunt on Wednesday which is exciting!

We have an investigator that we started teaching a week and a bit ago, he was doing really well. He was going to come to church and he was reading the book of Mormon and he really liked it all and he was on date for baptism, but then his mother of a different denomination found out, and started cussing him out and threw his clothes on the veranda, and threatened to kick him out if we continued. That was pretty lame. We can't teach him now, which is stupid. He's also like, 35, he should move out of his moms house. But i don't know. I got his moms number off him and decided I would call her and see if she'll explain herself. She very kindly told me she wanted nothing to do with me or my religion, and to leave her alone. So that was that. Stupid...

Had real jerk chicken! That was good.

I got to do my first baptismal interview this week as well. A young lady, she's been investigating for a while, and it was a really neat experience. I knew memorizing the baptismal questions would pay off! But, alas, at the end she decided she was not ready, I think she's just being nervous and difficult, but she didn't feel ready, so she's putting it off, and I'll be interviewing her again probably in the next couple months. So that was kinda cool, a neat first experience.

Otherwise, things are good. We've got 3 or 4 solid investigators that are getting baptized in the next couple months for sure, of course depending in if they read the Book of Mormon. I refuse to baptize anyone into less activity, for the sake of a baptism. But working with these people is awesome. I've come to know the scriptures a lot better over the past transfer, memorizing these scriptures has helped a lot! Especially in lessons. The interview would've been much less spiritual if I didn't have these scriptures on tap. Like it says, the scriptures were brought to my remembrance as I needed them, I never really payed attention to the line in my patriarchal blessing that told of my gift of memory, I decided to put it to the test. I have a list of about 150 more verses I'm memorizing right now. We'll see how that goes!

I'm pretty excited to train, I guess that'll be the big news next week! Hope everything is good at home, sounds like things are good. Tell everyone I say hi! When I get some money I'll probably try and send out a few letters, I've had letters sitting on my desk for months now.

Elder Zeck

Moving sand with these boys.

The district pre transfers

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