Monday, February 16, 2015

7 Months Out Today

Hey mom!

The weird thing about teaching more, is less cool stories. But this week has been pretty good. This has probably been Elder Brown and my best week to date with teaching. And it sounds like this is the best this area has done in months! So I'm glad to see the fruits of our hard work!

I totally forgot about Valentines day. There was a youth activity here I think.

I think I'm good for pants and stuff, I've lost about 10 pounds since coming to Spanish Town, but my quads are getting big and it's making my pants a little too tight for my liking, I can't put things in my pockets or else I'm afraid they'll split! These hills are a trial, that's for sure. But I kinda like it. Portmore was totally flat, no hills at all, so I didn't really get much of a workout unless we were really biking hard.

You know, i was thinking about dogs this week, because our neighbours mutt had puppies a couple weeks ago, and their eyes are opening and stuff, and I didn't think I'd miss our dogs. I kinda do... a little. I really wanna get a pit bull when I go home now though.

So tie trading is basically just trying to get your own tie to last in the mission, and with as many cool missionaries signatures as possible. So when one missionary passes a tie on to another missionary, usually they sign it to prove they've owned it. Then there's the heritage ties, passed down from fathers to sons (trainers to newbies). I kinda hope i get to train a couple times to start my own heritage tie! But yeah, we just trade ties we think look good, mostly to just get our name out there I think. It's kinda fun, especially talking to missionaries who've been out for a year because then they always have cool stories about the elders that have owned ties. I recently traded a bunch of ties though with a youth in our ward, he's going on a mission soon and he only had 3 ties, so I traded him a bunch for his 3, I don't plan on trading his ties. I keep some of the nice ties I get though, as Zeck originals. I'm sure I'll give them all away before I leave, but that's not for a while. Today's my 7 month mark, fun fact.

Nah my memory card is good.

Well, this week we taught about 24 lessons which is really good! 19 of them were investigators, we have a goal of 20 per week, so hopefully that'll happen. Our first week we had about 11 lessons, so the area is doing really well. Miracles are happening, and we're meeting tons of people who are prepared for this gospel. We're teaching 5 or 6 people who accept it like they've heard it before, which is funny, because they have! They just don't remember. So, soon come, hopefully, many new additions to the church! The other areas are doing good too.

One of the missionaries in my district is from Edmonton, he goes home next week, so we talk a lot about Canada, and we try and make all the American missionaries denounce their citizenship. Doesn't work, but it's pretty funny. I've only met one American missionary to denounce their citizenship for Canada.

This week in District Meeting I taught about progression. The importance of our personal progression as members of the church, but more importantly, how we help the progression of our investigators. As far as numbers goes, we can count an investigator as a "progressing investigator" if they have a baptismal date, and if they're coming to church. We have 3 on date at the moment, hoping for 7 by the end of the week if our plans go like we want them too. But we discussed a lot about what it means to progress, what we're progressing towards, and how we're not just making progressing investigators, but we should be making progressing members! In the long run, every member should be progressing for their whole life. There's a cool quote from Joseph Smith, I can't remember exactly, but essentially he talks about how the principles of the gospel work kind of like a ladder. We have to take it one principle at a time, until we've reached the top, being exaltation. But it would be impossible to reach the top of the ladder in this life, so we'll spend a lot of time in the next learning all we need to do. But we need the head start in this life. So I thought that went really well actually. Lots of fun! My district kind of participates, so I don't feel like I'm suffocating anyone for answers most weeks. The Zone leaders came too, it was good.

Look up Smile for me Jamaica, by Chronix, I think that's a good song. I wouldn't know...

Hopefully I'm learning to jerk chicken today!

Met a guy who professionally races pigeons, I think I'm going to get in on it when I go home! It sounds awesome!

Got a haircut, awful experience, you aren't getting pics of me for a few weeks.

Had some great lessons though this week, we were able to teach a lot of first lessons, and the people we saw, the gospel just clicked. We had to push one young man's date back a few weeks and he was really upset. We taught tithing to another lady, and we committed her to live the law of tithing after she was baptized, and she immediately complained that she wanted to live it now! So, I don't know, watching the gospel make sense to people, watching all the hard work we do pay off, is some of the most rewarding experiences. I've got a goal of 104 baptism before I leave Jamaica! I think it's pretty reasonable.........

On the flip side though, we do have investigators that we put a lot of work into, and they just completely blow it off. They stop seeing us, they deny the spiritual experiences they have, and they shut down. It's probably the worst thing I've ever experienced because it's just sad, and depressing. I don't think I've ever been this stressed out in my life, and I remember in the MTC I didn't think I'd get stressed out, but as I come to understand the gospel, I just realize that I need to be stressed out for these people, because they don't understand what they're doing. It's great though. Nuff blessings.

Cool, well. Things are still good. Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday, whatever that means. Transfer calls are this Saturday, then another six weeks! Everyone thinks I'll be training by my third transfer here, which would honestly be pretty cool. But we'll see. I just want this area to keep going up, we're teaching a ton of great people right now. I hope everything at home is still going good! That first aid course was pretty awful, so I hope they all survive that. It's weird to think that I can see my 18 month mark on my calender. The past 6 weeks flew by, I feel like I've only been in Spanish Town for a couple of weeks. But I'm getting along with everyone really well.

Cool, Hope all's well, I miss you all I guess

Elder Zeck

P.S. have you started preparing for those triathlons this summer?

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