Monday, February 9, 2015

Lots of Biking

Elder in the middle was James' MTC companion.  First time seeing each other since they arrived in Jamaica last August
This week I think we had fewer appointments, but we've been focusing a lot more on bringing members to lessons, because those are the lessons that go the best! It's nice to hear the testimony of a real person, and not some dumb white guy with a name tag.

The Jamaica Kingston mission, I have found out, is the most obedient mission in the Caribbean, and one of the most in the world, which is kinda neat. Feels cool to be a part of something like that. We hear stories of crazy stuff that goes on in American missions. Never really thought of that kinda stuff before the mission. I used to think missionaries were these really holy, and awesome guys, I now know they're about as dumb and childish as I am! Kinda weird to think about it. Church is true.

We only taught 17 lessons this week, we have a goal, we want to get our area up to 28 per week in the next 4 or 5 weeks. We've almost tripled lessons since I've got here though, and the area is still picking up which is great! We have one lady on her way to baptism this month and she's solid. We just picked up 3 or 4 more that want to be baptized and already love the church, one of them even asked about the details for missionary work.

Something kinda cool, we went up to Sligoville. Basically mine and Elder Brown's area never ends, so we got a member to drive us up this huge mountain to a town called Sligoville, still in our area, we think... But we decided to go up and street contact for a few hours, and we ended up getting 4 or 5 potential investigators, one of which came to church this Sunday, and gave away two Book of Mormons to his friends. He came and he's obviously been prepared for this message. It's a shame he lives so far away, we can only go up on Thursdays because it's a half hour drive to get there. Brother Harrison is awesome for agreeing to take us every week. It's kinda neat though, it felt like we were opening an area, it was obvious that missionaries haven't been up there in years, because no one knew what or who we were, and we got a lot of questions about Jehovah's Witnesses, which we cleared up pretty quick. We're hoping we can capitalize on the excitement of a new religion while it lasts. Kevon made a funny, but true point. Talking about how our church kinda threw him off because there wasn't any clapping, or dancing, or loud music. And he said that that was how it should be! The point he made was that when Jesus taught, you never see any exclamation points. No where does it say that Moses rolled around when he was talking to God. I thought it was a pretty humbling experience to see a young man (17) really paying attention to, and being receptive to the Spirit. Church is true.

fun fact: we ride about 100 miles a week.

I made really good friends with some random old ladies the other day while Elder Brown was on the phone, I don't think they like our message. But I found, when in doubt, just talk about food. Food is always my go to topic for conversation.

It was Elder Bateman's birthday this week so we all got together and ate food at a member's house. I bought a cake for it. It was a lot of fun! Weird to think in 3 weeks he'll be home in Edmonton.

Played basketball on the weekend with the other Elders in Spanish Town. I actually scored some points! But I'm still awful...
Played football (soccer) with some Jamaican kids and some Elders, that was pretty awesome. I got stuck in goal, and I surprisingly didn't play too awful! Still not good though...

This Wednesday for district meeting I taught on making "full proof of our ministry" Before my mission, I wouldn't have been able to teach for an hour on one verse (2 Timothy 4:5) But somehow I did it! I thought it went really well. I enjoy being the District Leader, it's a whole other world of service in the mission. It's nice being able to do what I do for the district. Still figuring it all out though.

Other wise, kind of a stock week, not a whole lot went on. Didn't eat anything crazy. Had some curry goat, which was okay. I don't really like goat. Too many bones.

I think I'm getting a hair cut today. How much money is in my account? I need more money for postage and stuff for letters. I've also spent 3000 dollars on bike repairs this month already. I think I'm going to start learning to fix my own bike on Mondays. I took apart the crank and then put it back together once, but that's about it. I'm tired of getting ripped off by bike guys to just have to go back the next week. My pedal crank fell off while I was riding down a mountain. I suppose better that than my brakes, which is a legitimate fear of mine. because I'd die. So hopefully I can get that figured out. Other wise though, the bike is good. I think it's just all the hills, it can't handle them. But neither can I for that matter.

I don't need a blanket, I just put on my corduroy pants and I'm usually good, or a second pair of socks. It's starting to rain so mosquitoes are becoming a nuisance, so I have to be careful at night. I've used a quarter of the AfterBite this week probably.

Things are going good with the companionship too, I've been really tired lately. I don't think I've gotten a good night sleep since I got to Spanish Town, we've been so busy, I don't even have time to write in my journal some nights, and some days we end up missing lunch. Which is good! But, rebuilding this area has been a tough one. Last night was probably, actually, the first time I've woken and felt good about it. Every day it's tough. Sometimes I nap at lunch but that's a risky move because I might just get groggy. I've never been so tired. Eight hours of sleep is not nearly enough, but somehow we get through it. I'm still happy!

Well, hope things keep going well! say hi to people for me!

Elder Zeck

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