Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years, Portmore, Chains, Teaching

Yeah I've picked up some chains. All Jamaican men wear them, and I've wanted a chain for a long time, I just never got one back home. I feel like they give me special powers. I'm a chainged man! get it?

I'm going to finish up those emails today, the past couple weeks we haven't had as much time to do emails. I have time today.

Teaching is going good, things are picking up. We've had a lot of investigators we've been dragging along, this week we dropped like, 5 people. But at the same time, we've picked up 6 or 7 the past couple weeks who seem pretty solid. We got a referral from the Elders in Spanish Town, and we started teaching 2 girls. And they're definitely prepared for this gospel. They've both been trying out churches for years and this was the first one they've ever felt good about. It's cool meeting people who run into our church, and it's just exactly what they've been looking for. Kinda like that one scripture in Doctrine and Covenants. I don't remember where.

This week was pretty good. The other day we heard some really scary screaming coming from our neighbours house, and then we realized that our neighbour runs a seventh day apostolic church of God, or whatever it's called out of their house. So we figured she was probably just getting in the spirit. But it was way annoying because she basically just screamed for 4 minutes straight, which I think is what is supposed to mean she was feeling the spirit... She was definitely feeling a spirit. Not the holy one though. I really wanted to just lean over their wall and tell her to be quiet, but that would probably not be the most Christ like thing to do.

Elder Pace and i started running and working out again. I gained too much weight over December! Hopefully I can get rid of most of it by next Christmas. Elder Pace is starting his six months to sexy thing.

We breathed fire this week.

Taught B again, he really wants to make changes in his life, he's way cool. He's got two really young sons, and he's been to prison for a long time, and he wants to be a good example to his kids. Since we've been seeing him he says he's felt better, and that the gospel feels right. But he won't come to church... So we'll see about all that.

Went on a trade off, Elder Koegler came into my area. That was pretty awesome. the whole day we just kept asking if we ever imagined we'd be in some of these really specific situations. Like waiting for a bus surrounded by black people. (Mamadeb note: these boys have been friends for 6 years. Lethbridge boys growing up together. No one ever would have guessed they would be in Jamaica together too.)

New Years was good. I was in bed by 10:30, and I woke up at 6:30

I'll keep it short too, hope everyone's good and stuff!


Elder Zeck

The District

Elders Zeck and Koegler

Hasn't broken the glasses yet. Yay!!

Lethbridge boys in Jamaica - Christmas Day

The last few pictures we've received James is wearing the same tie

The church building in Portmore

The chef's kitchen

James the chef.....banana chocolate chip pancakes, I think

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