Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting Transferred

Hey Mom!

Yeah I'm being transferred to Spanish Town. Which is one of the two places I said I never wanted to serve, so... Serves me right I guess. I'm going to be mothering Elder Brown, which means I'm his first comp after training. I'll be in a house with another Canadian from Waterton! So that'll be cool. Spanish Town though. Pretty ghetto, but it sounds like I got the less ghetto area. I'll be in another ward too. I think it'll be cool. Moving is weird. I'm leaving a lot of my heart here in Portmore. It's a great place. Blessed land. Averaged over 1.5 meal appointments per day. I'm getting fat.

The week was good. Transfer calls wasn't a surprise. I guess the bishopric forgot, so I didn't bear testimony for my last Sunday, which is fine. I only want to say goodbye to a few people. Elder Brown is a marathon runner I heard, so hopefully I'll be working off this gut Portmore has given me. The emails are late today because we went to some abandoned fort in Port Royal all day to play capture the flag and stuff as a zone activity. It was pretty cool. Really windy and sunny. I took pictures but I don't have my camera cord because I wasn't sure if we'd even have time to email. But we do! I'll send pictures some other Monday. Leaving is kinda weird. I feel like I didn't do much in Portmore. The past 3 months I've been teaching so many first lessons and drop lessons, not a lot of progress has been made. I've probably taught 25 or more drop lessons just in the past couple months, it's ridiculous. However, the area is better now than when I came, so I'm taking a little bit of solace in that fact. Although, it isn't saying much. We do have 4 or 5 investigators now that I honestly believe will make it to baptism. So that's cool. Not much else to say. Pretty average week. Nothing off the top of my head that's out of the ordinary. I hear Spanish Town is way sketchy so maybe more to come.

A lady was baptized this week, definitely an elect soul. She gravitated to the gospel like she already knew it was true. It was neat watching her conversion. We have 2 investigators right now that we just started teaching last week that are in that same boat. It's awesome, they will definitely get baptized. I'm sad I won't be here to see it though.

I don't have much time so that's all I guess.Miss you all! Love you and whatever. I'm way tired, we've been running 4 miles every morning all week, it's really stupid.

Elder Zeck

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