Monday, January 26, 2015

First Full Week of Spanish Town


yeah Spanish Town is good, not as good as Portmore, but I love it. Yes I'm the DL, it's not bad. It's like being a normal missionary but I have more meetings. I just have to make more calls, and check up on Elders and talk about their area, make sure no one is doing anything too stupid and just keep track of numbers and stuff. I teach a meeting every Wednesday , the zone leaders came to my first one last week, I taught about Companionship Unity and how it affects the work. They said it was a good meeting, so hopefully I'll keep doing stuff right! Elder Brown is good, he's kinda quiet, but he's good though. He knows his scriptures, and he's pretty cool. He's a runner, but we don't run very much. I'm so exhausted every day, we get up at 5:45 to work out most mornings, but I barely function on 8 hours of sleep some days, I've never been so tired. Even during school when I slept far less. The apartment is good though, it's bigger than the last house, but the kitchen is tiny, which is a hassle. We live in a nice little complex area so it's pretty quiet. I got to the house and it was filthy dirty, so we spent a long time cleaning last Monday, which was much needed, i refused to put food in the fridge so I only ate oatmeal for a little bit. But it's pretty good now. I've accepted that this is my life now, so I don't really get disappointed or surprised by anything, it's just normal. Every morning I walk up the stairs brushing my teeth in the one tiny bathroom in the other Elders room. Routine. That's really funny you saw Sister Dente though, she says she's been doing really well.

Sounds like things are going well back home. I got the package, I really liked it, you should just send Nutella, beef jerky and drink mix for the rest of my mission! Because it's all good. Mostly beef jerky because it's a billion dollars out here if we can find it. you don't need to send so many things though, just letters, or pictures of home or something. A lot of elders have big envelopes of pictures their moms sent from their facebook or from whatever, I didn't realize that would be a thing, so it'd be nice if I had something to share too when they show me their pictures. But you don't have to, just a thought. I don't really need anything, other than white shirts and ties. But I can get those out here if I need them I think...

Good job with the choir thing, it always sounded kinda cool, I'm sure it'll be fun! Jared's getting really good with his drawings too , that looks really good.

I'm still kinda concerned about Diabetes, maybe in the future, I ate really awful last month through Christmas and I gained a lot of weight haha, so I'm working on that. Elder Brown and I are doing Herbalife, which is kinda awesome. We'll see.

Happy anniversary! I'll keep those birthdays in mind as well.

But yeah, it's been a good week, lots of lessons. Like I said, when I got here the area was struggling so we've been working really hard to fix it up, we've picked up 3 or 4 new investigators and we're working with 4 people on date for baptism in the next couple months, hopefully big things will be happening!

As far as stories I've got a couple.

We did service this week and we cut down some trees with machetes for some lady, that was way fun! I have Elder Hunts machete still, so I just sharpened and used it, I got some pictures I'll probably send later.

Some kids threw rocks at me. That was cool.

I was biking through town at night and some guy rushed me and tried to snag my scripture bag off me but I was too fast! I should've just hit him...

Turned around and was caught pretty off guard to see a lady breastfeeding in the middle row. I'm still not used to the culture here obviously...

Nothing too much more, just doing work, I'm so tired, I'm constantly exhausted. But it's worth it. Got in a good conversation with a JW the other day, we have a lot of similar points, but then the topic came up of who Jehovah was and no progress was made there so we had to leave. I didn't feel like explaining that Jesus was the God of the old testament, I was too hungry and they wouldn't understand. But it's totally true, and it's obvious.

Well, I hope things keep going well! I'll send pictures in an hour or so probably. Love you all!!

Elder Zeck

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