Monday, January 19, 2015

First Few Days in Spanish Town

Spanish Town is cool. Been here like, 4 days now. It's been a slow/fast 4 days. Learning the area is kinda rough, it's not as neatly laid out as Portmore was. I don't know if I'll like an area more than Portmore, but I do like Spanish Town so far. I rode up and down more hills on my first night than I did the whole time in Portmore. There's this one area called Jago Heights, which is just a huge hill with really big houses. We don't go up very often, but we usually just walk. Hopefully this area will help me lose the gut Portmore gave me. It sounds like we only get fed a couple times a week, which is a step down from at least 6 times a week. And there's only like, one shop for food here, so that will hopefully be good for me. My legs are pretty tired though, and Elder Brown wants to go running, so we'll see how that goes. I just keep telling myself that I'm training for the Iron Man. There's 4 of us in our house, and 2 other elders in our district. I'm with Elder Sinea (Bahamas guy), Elder Davidsen from close to Waterton, Elder Brown is from Kansas, Elder Bateman is from Edmonton, and Elder Campbell from Jamaica. It's a pretty cool district too. I'm getting along with everyone. Spanish Town as a whole has 2 districts, the other has 6 people as well. Elder Sandmieyar and Elder Bennet in their district are Canadian too. Bennet is from Barnwell I think.

When I got to Spanish Town, the Zone Leaders drove us in, and the first thing they told me was that the area had been struggling for a while. Elder Brown is way cool though. We've already picked up 3-ish investigators this week, and the Zone Leaders are optimistic that I will be able to help the area out. I really hope I do. They have very few people to teach, but they already had 2 people on baptismal date when I got here, and we have 3 or 4 more investigators now that I think could make it to baptism within the next three months which is awesome! Spanish Town is it's own zone, but we're really close to Kingston. Lots of people in Spanish Town work in Kingston. But yeah, we all get along, I like my zone. Lots of good people. I think our zone also covers Old Harbour, and one other place that I can't remember.

It's nice to know that we both have neighbours that smoke weird smelling stuff. I haven't actually seen as much weed as I thought I would, but there's always someone crushing up something in their hand. (Mamadeb: We have some pot smoking renters that moved in next door.)

This week has been good. When I got to Spanish Town we didn't have water until Saturday, so I've been pretty dehydrated and bucket showers only clean so well. Out of a moment of desperation I drank some dirty pipe water and I got kinda sick.

I guess this also means the Koegler Zeck hype is over. I was pretty bummed to have to leave. I burned that brown tie the night I left Portmore.

Church here is at 11:30, that's really nice. I got to sit in on the ward council, this ward is fully functional. I really like it. There's two wards here. the members are way cool here, I got to bear testimony in sacrament meeting. It came out kinda weird and awkward, so hopefully no one noticed. Bearing testimony in lessons is a piece of cake, but for some reason that pulpit never feels natural for me.

How do I get diabetes? and how do I prevent it? This country is full of snacks and pop and I hate it because I have no self control. Am I going to die? I don't want to have to take pills and stupid stuff. I kinda ate too much sugar last month, and everyone in this country has diabetes. So, tips would be nice.

I ate goat testicles last night.

Also, what's the deal with kidney stones?

If you want to send me a new scripture marker, that'd be nice! I'm running low.

Met some cool people this week too. One guy named P, he's got cancer. He gets radiation every single day, and we had a really good lesson with him on the atonement. That was a great lesson. We shared Alma 7:11-12 with him and really helped him understand that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can get through literally anything. He seemed to really like the message and I have a feeling when he's done his treatment he's going to be baptized pretty quick!

Cool. Hope things are doing well! One upside of being in Spanish Town is I don't find 40 leggers in the shower every morning. However, our apartment is nasty, so today I'm deep cleaning the house. Especially the fridge. It's grotesque. But yeah, I love it here.

Tell everyone I say hi!
Send me some recipes

Elder Zeck

Note the tan lines

Transfer day....Portmore to Spanish Town

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