Monday, December 15, 2014

Zone Christmas Conference and Presents and Flooding

hey mom!

my shift key isnt working on this computer so don't mind the lack of grammar in some instances. Christmas party was cool. Elder pace and i performed silent night, it was really awful, but i thought it was fun. there are times where we're giving out pass along cards for christmas and people ask us to sing them a carol, which i think is a weird thing to ask. we sang we wish you a merry christmas in the post office just this morning, and we made elder koegler sing angels we have heard on high by himself in the street last night.

everything here is good though, apartment life is good. it rained really hard this week and it ended up flooding our house. There were waterfalls coming down the walls in three or four spots in our apartment. luckily we all had bike issues and all ended up at the apartment right before it rained, so we could all work together start sweeping water out and making sure nothing got damaged. apparently its never happened before, but it sounds like some of the office missionaries weren't too happy to hear that. it pretty much demolished tuesday for teaching. This whole week was a pretty big blow out. We taught like, 7 lessons all week which is way stupid. we've also had a lot of drop lessons too because no one we're teaching has any desire whatsoever to find any truth. So we have just over 20 potential new investigators for this next week, hopefully we find some one good. We spent almost the whole week finding new people, we're just praying our efforts aren't in vain. so in all it's been a boring and unfulfilling week.

I got 7 packages at the party, which was a little embarrassing. sister hall said I may have had the most gifts out of both zones that were there. Which was cool, but i've been eating non stop candy since thursday and it's starting to make my body feel kinda weird. but all the gifts were nice! if you could thank the Stewarts for me for the package they sent me i'd appreciate that. it was really nice of them and i wasn't expecting it at all. But yeah, seven packages. i didn't open them because i knew i'd have to carry them all home after anyway. luckily president brown approved the sisters to drive us back to portmore with our gifts, which is usually against mission rules, but i guess today was an exception.

living with elder koegler is pretty cool, we talk a lot about home and about mission stuff. he hasn't changed at all, i don't think i've changed much either. the only difference is now we both have a better understanding of the gospel. we have lots of talks on different points of doctrines and church history and we read talks and stuff. it's all pretty cool.

i was thinking about what i would want in packages in the future if you felt so inclined to ever send me another one. and shirts and pants and ties seem like the best thing. other than that, maybe like... less sugary foods. i'm kind of done with candy, but i'm sure i'm only saying that because i had a whole bag of sour keys for breakfast this morning. So, just follow the spirit on that one. i don't really need anything that i cant get out here.

other stuff this week... i realized this week that if i just studied the gospel principles manual before my mission, i would've cleared up so many doctrinal questions i've had so far. i think it'd be good if you all started to go through that manual for family home evenings or something. There's a lot of stuff i've been learning that i never knew before from attending these gospel principles classes. But this sunday we were discussing the creation and the book asked how we can tell God loves us by his creations. And they were talking about plants and animals and how plants are pretty and they give us oxygen and they can smell nice and stuff. And under Sister Scarlett's breath (the bishops wife) she said, "and the ganja" and she quietly laughed to herself. i'm pretty sure i was the only one who heard though cause i was sitting close to the front. i thought that was pretty funny.

Bishop gave a really good talk on loving one another. he talked about how even him and his wife don't always get along, but they've been commanded to love each other, and they make things work. i think it's a message that most people don't realize. Christ straight up said to the Nephites that if we have hate in our hearts and if we don't love others, then he won't forgive our sins. i think it's a simple and over looked commandment.

i got a hair cut

had to spend like, 8000 dollars on new bike stuff and repairs, and i'm buying a new helmet this week because mine broke. just proving that my home funds are being used to make up for the crappy equipment the mission sells us.

i need a silver sharpie and multivitamins. that'd be way cool

Said hey to this rasta guy as he rode by and very slowly he turned to us and said, "black supremacy" and rode away. That was probably the highlight of my week.

but yeah, that's the week. it was alright. i still don't know the details of skyping, but it'll be good. we get max 45 minutes, i'll keep you posted on when we make our accounts and stuff, probably next monday.

hope stuffs going good at home! how's everyone doing? is everyone coming for christmas? How's the dogs? i met a really nice pitbull this week and i've decided that it was the best dog i've ever met in the whole world my whole life, so i want a pit bull when i get home. food for thought.


elder zeck

Christmas Loot!!!  Thanks everyone!!!!!

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