Monday, December 8, 2014

You Can't Keep a Secret From Your Mother.......

*****Mamadeb - I was waiting for confirmation this week that Elder Koegler, James' friend and fellow ward member/deacon, teacher,priest/young mens/ etc. was transferred to Portmore. I had my suspicions last week and I know my boy. He's going to withhold information just to make me mad*****

Thanks for the email mom!

Yeah the devotional was cool, we had to leave early because of the time change, it ended at 9:30 I think, which is when we had to be home. But the first bit was good. Kristopherson was a good talk.

You'll get pictures this week!

I think for the Skype we'll be able to set up Skype accounts, and then we just Skype home. There's two computers and six missionaries, so I don't know exactly how it's going to work, but I'll let you know when I set up my account and then I guess we'll go from there. There's a web cam at the church. It'll probably be in the morning our time, I don't know what that means for your time.

Hasn't rained much but it has picked up. We got to teach over 20 lessons this week! which has been a nice change. We've been in the 10s the past 4 weeks because of bike problems and such, but we're good now.

Christmas Party is on Thursday, and Elder Pace and I are singing Silent Night, and then on the 20th, I signed up Elder Pace and I to sing Away in A Manger for the Ward Christmas Party on the ukuleles! I'm really excited. I've missed performing and this will be a fun thing to do.

Other than that, we're looking at maybe 5 meal appointments for the Christmas season. Which is awesome! But we get fed almost every single day here in Portmore, so it's pretty normal. It's impossible for me to lose weight out here... I've been trying... Yesterday we were fed 4 times and only one of them was planned, but that's just how it goes. I guess it's not at all like that the rest of the island though.

But yeah, first Christmas! I'm really excited, but other than that, not much to report this week. Met a guy named Kerith Salmon (Carrot Salmon) Which was kinda funny. He's a seventh day but he's really interested in our church, so hopefully that has potential! We've been finding a lot of new investigators because we've had to drop like, 6 this past week. We hold onto some for too long, and we've figured if they don't have a desire to find the truth, then we need to find more effective ways to use our time. Well, I guess that's pretty much it this week, hope all's well!

Elder Zeck

******That was it. Nothing Else. Then the pictures came........*******

I thought this was funny because it's an infant school, but the motto is terrifying, and the picture is just a bunch of sad looking kids

She was way sick this day, and her jaw is really swollen, but she's smiling on the inside I'm sure. She wanted to take a picture with us in front of her tree, this is Grace! She feeds us like, 3 times a week and she's got a huge testimony. She usually smiles much nicer than this, but... Well, she's Grace.

Then he sent comments......

Me: You boys are stinkers.

James: Love ya! He says hi.

Michael sent this one home.

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