Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Christmas

hey mom!

yeah Skype was fun! it wasn't as weird as i thought it would be. Jackson's voice is way deeper, but he looks the same, so that's kinda funny. Every one's pretty much the same though it seems. I haven't sent those emails yet, I'm going to do it today hopefully. I had a lot of emails to send off last week and we didn't have as much time so I'm going to try and get them done today. yeah the shirts are nice, I haven't touched them. I gained some weight so I'm assuming they probably are snug right now, but I'm working on that part. now that Christmas is over I can stop praying for meal appointments, because the amount I get fed in Portmore is disgusting. But at the same time it's probably the best part of this area.

This week things are starting to pick up. We've got some hopefully solid investigators. We've dropped 10 or 12 the past couple weeks :( but hopefully the new year brings some new potential! Right now we're teaching some guys. We're teaching one guy who went to prison in New York and got deported. he's all tatt'd up and he wants to own a restaurant. He's been rejected by two churches and he's still searching, he's kinda iffy but when he has the time we get to have good discussions with him. He's way cool. We're working with this other guy who went to prison here in Jamaica for a while for some stuff that he didn't tell us. But now he's got 2 young sons and he's decided he doesn't want his kids to grow up like he did, and he's really humble. He loves his kids a lot, and we happened to bump into him on the street a week ago and now he wants him and his 2 sons to start attending our church. It's really cool how things like this happen.

The JW family we started teaching is less JW than we thought. They haven't been to church in 14 years, which is nice. The mother isn't interested but she said if her daughters are then that's fine, so hopefully her two daughters will come to church next Sunday! They said they would this Sunday but they backed out, sending us a text right before saying they weren't ready to make that kind of transition yet. But they want us to still come over and teach them. They're older brother is an atheist who's mad at God, which doesn't make any sense. But he's kinda cool. We had a very long discussion on the existence of dinosaurs last time we saw him. I think it makes him mad that we have answers for all his questions, be it polygamy, authority, church history, religious history, biblical proofs. He's been getting more and more contentious, but at the same time I kinda feel like he respects us.

Your favorite missionary in the Jamaica Kingston mission says hi.. thanks a lot mom...(I made a joke about Elder Koegler being my favorite because he sends good pictures)

but yeah, good stuff. we dropped Miss Johnson which was sad.

Some lady asked me to marry her the other day, and I said no. She started laughing and asked if I could just get her into America. I told her couldn't because I'm Canadian and got all excited and said that Canada would be way better! That was kinda funny.

Some lady on Sunday, sang a verse of some Catholic hymn or something. That was way weird and kinda uncomfortable. But, that's Jamaica for ya!

We Christmas carolled for some old peeps on Christmas day. They really liked it. They're so old they have to be in wheel chairs and when they walk i get really scared because their knees bend in weird directions and they're kinda crazy. But it felt good because they wish they could be at church and do fun things. But now they're old. I would hate to be an old Jamaican person.

That's about it. We taught double last weeks numbers for lessons which was awesome, most of them were over the weekend too. This next week should hopefully pick up. other than that, just a normal week. not much happened.

Stuff's still going good though. it's Christmas and I'm still way sweaty. How's my guitars and stuff doing? Does anyone touch the instruments?

Elder Zeck

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