Monday, December 1, 2014

American Thanksgiving = Fried Chicken + Rice + Peas

Hey mom!

Yeah I got the box, it was all good stuff! The patches don't really work but the rest of the bike stuff is great. But yeah, good job with the package. I've got lots of snacks now for when I'm bored and feeling like a fatty. Which is just how I like it. And I've bought a few cool little things. Probably all stuff you wouldn't approve of haha, but what are you going to do? I'm in Jamaica! But yeah, you'll probably notice the things in my pictures I send home if you look close enough. Just little things, I don't want to break the bank. It's all small stuff though so I'll just keep it here. Rice and peas is the best food in the world!

I get along with other missionaries. I've made a point of trying to do service for them as often as I can. Sometimes that's doing dishes, or making a meal or something. Small stuff. I've found that if I don't like someone very much, often through service, I learn to love them anyway. It softens hearts I guess. I've learned that charity is a little important in the grand scheme of things.

Sounds like the week has been good though! I hope All continues to go well. This week has been boring. Rain and bike problems pretty much killed every lesson we had. We had quite a few days where we didn't end up teaching anything, so we would go street contacting and we'd end up in a stupid conversation with someone. Hopefully this next week goes better. Elder Groesbeck is getting transferred to Port Antonio, I'll miss him, he was really cool. Sister Lewis is going to the Bahamas too. We got a district pic but my camera won't upload to this computer so you might have to wait a week for the pictures. But I took pics, and I even got a house picture for American Thanksgiving, we all bought rice and peas and fried chicken and ate it in our kitchen. It was pretty nice.

I printed off a ton of talks the other day at the church and I've found some pretty cool ones, but that's about all I've done for study. And I watched some conference from the 70s, which was also cool.


Tell everyone I say hi, and that I'm doing pretty good and that I'm not dead. Just kinda hungry

Elder Zeck

Elder Zeck and Elder Pace with Thanksgiving Dinner

Pre Transfer District Photo

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