Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Christmas

hey mom!

yeah Skype was fun! it wasn't as weird as i thought it would be. Jackson's voice is way deeper, but he looks the same, so that's kinda funny. Every one's pretty much the same though it seems. I haven't sent those emails yet, I'm going to do it today hopefully. I had a lot of emails to send off last week and we didn't have as much time so I'm going to try and get them done today. yeah the shirts are nice, I haven't touched them. I gained some weight so I'm assuming they probably are snug right now, but I'm working on that part. now that Christmas is over I can stop praying for meal appointments, because the amount I get fed in Portmore is disgusting. But at the same time it's probably the best part of this area.

This week things are starting to pick up. We've got some hopefully solid investigators. We've dropped 10 or 12 the past couple weeks :( but hopefully the new year brings some new potential! Right now we're teaching some guys. We're teaching one guy who went to prison in New York and got deported. he's all tatt'd up and he wants to own a restaurant. He's been rejected by two churches and he's still searching, he's kinda iffy but when he has the time we get to have good discussions with him. He's way cool. We're working with this other guy who went to prison here in Jamaica for a while for some stuff that he didn't tell us. But now he's got 2 young sons and he's decided he doesn't want his kids to grow up like he did, and he's really humble. He loves his kids a lot, and we happened to bump into him on the street a week ago and now he wants him and his 2 sons to start attending our church. It's really cool how things like this happen.

The JW family we started teaching is less JW than we thought. They haven't been to church in 14 years, which is nice. The mother isn't interested but she said if her daughters are then that's fine, so hopefully her two daughters will come to church next Sunday! They said they would this Sunday but they backed out, sending us a text right before saying they weren't ready to make that kind of transition yet. But they want us to still come over and teach them. They're older brother is an atheist who's mad at God, which doesn't make any sense. But he's kinda cool. We had a very long discussion on the existence of dinosaurs last time we saw him. I think it makes him mad that we have answers for all his questions, be it polygamy, authority, church history, religious history, biblical proofs. He's been getting more and more contentious, but at the same time I kinda feel like he respects us.

Your favorite missionary in the Jamaica Kingston mission says hi.. thanks a lot mom...(I made a joke about Elder Koegler being my favorite because he sends good pictures)

but yeah, good stuff. we dropped Miss Johnson which was sad.

Some lady asked me to marry her the other day, and I said no. She started laughing and asked if I could just get her into America. I told her couldn't because I'm Canadian and got all excited and said that Canada would be way better! That was kinda funny.

Some lady on Sunday, sang a verse of some Catholic hymn or something. That was way weird and kinda uncomfortable. But, that's Jamaica for ya!

We Christmas carolled for some old peeps on Christmas day. They really liked it. They're so old they have to be in wheel chairs and when they walk i get really scared because their knees bend in weird directions and they're kinda crazy. But it felt good because they wish they could be at church and do fun things. But now they're old. I would hate to be an old Jamaican person.

That's about it. We taught double last weeks numbers for lessons which was awesome, most of them were over the weekend too. This next week should hopefully pick up. other than that, just a normal week. not much happened.

Stuff's still going good though. it's Christmas and I'm still way sweaty. How's my guitars and stuff doing? Does anyone touch the instruments?

Elder Zeck

Monday, December 15, 2014

Zone Christmas Conference and Presents and Flooding

hey mom!

my shift key isnt working on this computer so don't mind the lack of grammar in some instances. Christmas party was cool. Elder pace and i performed silent night, it was really awful, but i thought it was fun. there are times where we're giving out pass along cards for christmas and people ask us to sing them a carol, which i think is a weird thing to ask. we sang we wish you a merry christmas in the post office just this morning, and we made elder koegler sing angels we have heard on high by himself in the street last night.

everything here is good though, apartment life is good. it rained really hard this week and it ended up flooding our house. There were waterfalls coming down the walls in three or four spots in our apartment. luckily we all had bike issues and all ended up at the apartment right before it rained, so we could all work together start sweeping water out and making sure nothing got damaged. apparently its never happened before, but it sounds like some of the office missionaries weren't too happy to hear that. it pretty much demolished tuesday for teaching. This whole week was a pretty big blow out. We taught like, 7 lessons all week which is way stupid. we've also had a lot of drop lessons too because no one we're teaching has any desire whatsoever to find any truth. So we have just over 20 potential new investigators for this next week, hopefully we find some one good. We spent almost the whole week finding new people, we're just praying our efforts aren't in vain. so in all it's been a boring and unfulfilling week.

I got 7 packages at the party, which was a little embarrassing. sister hall said I may have had the most gifts out of both zones that were there. Which was cool, but i've been eating non stop candy since thursday and it's starting to make my body feel kinda weird. but all the gifts were nice! if you could thank the Stewarts for me for the package they sent me i'd appreciate that. it was really nice of them and i wasn't expecting it at all. But yeah, seven packages. i didn't open them because i knew i'd have to carry them all home after anyway. luckily president brown approved the sisters to drive us back to portmore with our gifts, which is usually against mission rules, but i guess today was an exception.

living with elder koegler is pretty cool, we talk a lot about home and about mission stuff. he hasn't changed at all, i don't think i've changed much either. the only difference is now we both have a better understanding of the gospel. we have lots of talks on different points of doctrines and church history and we read talks and stuff. it's all pretty cool.

i was thinking about what i would want in packages in the future if you felt so inclined to ever send me another one. and shirts and pants and ties seem like the best thing. other than that, maybe like... less sugary foods. i'm kind of done with candy, but i'm sure i'm only saying that because i had a whole bag of sour keys for breakfast this morning. So, just follow the spirit on that one. i don't really need anything that i cant get out here.

other stuff this week... i realized this week that if i just studied the gospel principles manual before my mission, i would've cleared up so many doctrinal questions i've had so far. i think it'd be good if you all started to go through that manual for family home evenings or something. There's a lot of stuff i've been learning that i never knew before from attending these gospel principles classes. But this sunday we were discussing the creation and the book asked how we can tell God loves us by his creations. And they were talking about plants and animals and how plants are pretty and they give us oxygen and they can smell nice and stuff. And under Sister Scarlett's breath (the bishops wife) she said, "and the ganja" and she quietly laughed to herself. i'm pretty sure i was the only one who heard though cause i was sitting close to the front. i thought that was pretty funny.

Bishop gave a really good talk on loving one another. he talked about how even him and his wife don't always get along, but they've been commanded to love each other, and they make things work. i think it's a message that most people don't realize. Christ straight up said to the Nephites that if we have hate in our hearts and if we don't love others, then he won't forgive our sins. i think it's a simple and over looked commandment.

i got a hair cut

had to spend like, 8000 dollars on new bike stuff and repairs, and i'm buying a new helmet this week because mine broke. just proving that my home funds are being used to make up for the crappy equipment the mission sells us.

i need a silver sharpie and multivitamins. that'd be way cool

Said hey to this rasta guy as he rode by and very slowly he turned to us and said, "black supremacy" and rode away. That was probably the highlight of my week.

but yeah, that's the week. it was alright. i still don't know the details of skyping, but it'll be good. we get max 45 minutes, i'll keep you posted on when we make our accounts and stuff, probably next monday.

hope stuffs going good at home! how's everyone doing? is everyone coming for christmas? How's the dogs? i met a really nice pitbull this week and i've decided that it was the best dog i've ever met in the whole world my whole life, so i want a pit bull when i get home. food for thought.


elder zeck

Christmas Loot!!!  Thanks everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

You Can't Keep a Secret From Your Mother.......

*****Mamadeb - I was waiting for confirmation this week that Elder Koegler, James' friend and fellow ward member/deacon, teacher,priest/young mens/ etc. was transferred to Portmore. I had my suspicions last week and I know my boy. He's going to withhold information just to make me mad*****

Thanks for the email mom!

Yeah the devotional was cool, we had to leave early because of the time change, it ended at 9:30 I think, which is when we had to be home. But the first bit was good. Kristopherson was a good talk.

You'll get pictures this week!

I think for the Skype we'll be able to set up Skype accounts, and then we just Skype home. There's two computers and six missionaries, so I don't know exactly how it's going to work, but I'll let you know when I set up my account and then I guess we'll go from there. There's a web cam at the church. It'll probably be in the morning our time, I don't know what that means for your time.

Hasn't rained much but it has picked up. We got to teach over 20 lessons this week! which has been a nice change. We've been in the 10s the past 4 weeks because of bike problems and such, but we're good now.

Christmas Party is on Thursday, and Elder Pace and I are singing Silent Night, and then on the 20th, I signed up Elder Pace and I to sing Away in A Manger for the Ward Christmas Party on the ukuleles! I'm really excited. I've missed performing and this will be a fun thing to do.

Other than that, we're looking at maybe 5 meal appointments for the Christmas season. Which is awesome! But we get fed almost every single day here in Portmore, so it's pretty normal. It's impossible for me to lose weight out here... I've been trying... Yesterday we were fed 4 times and only one of them was planned, but that's just how it goes. I guess it's not at all like that the rest of the island though.

But yeah, first Christmas! I'm really excited, but other than that, not much to report this week. Met a guy named Kerith Salmon (Carrot Salmon) Which was kinda funny. He's a seventh day but he's really interested in our church, so hopefully that has potential! We've been finding a lot of new investigators because we've had to drop like, 6 this past week. We hold onto some for too long, and we've figured if they don't have a desire to find the truth, then we need to find more effective ways to use our time. Well, I guess that's pretty much it this week, hope all's well!

Elder Zeck

******That was it. Nothing Else. Then the pictures came........*******

I thought this was funny because it's an infant school, but the motto is terrifying, and the picture is just a bunch of sad looking kids

She was way sick this day, and her jaw is really swollen, but she's smiling on the inside I'm sure. She wanted to take a picture with us in front of her tree, this is Grace! She feeds us like, 3 times a week and she's got a huge testimony. She usually smiles much nicer than this, but... Well, she's Grace.

Then he sent comments......

Me: You boys are stinkers.

James: Love ya! He says hi.

Michael sent this one home.

Monday, December 1, 2014

American Thanksgiving = Fried Chicken + Rice + Peas

Hey mom!

Yeah I got the box, it was all good stuff! The patches don't really work but the rest of the bike stuff is great. But yeah, good job with the package. I've got lots of snacks now for when I'm bored and feeling like a fatty. Which is just how I like it. And I've bought a few cool little things. Probably all stuff you wouldn't approve of haha, but what are you going to do? I'm in Jamaica! But yeah, you'll probably notice the things in my pictures I send home if you look close enough. Just little things, I don't want to break the bank. It's all small stuff though so I'll just keep it here. Rice and peas is the best food in the world!

I get along with other missionaries. I've made a point of trying to do service for them as often as I can. Sometimes that's doing dishes, or making a meal or something. Small stuff. I've found that if I don't like someone very much, often through service, I learn to love them anyway. It softens hearts I guess. I've learned that charity is a little important in the grand scheme of things.

Sounds like the week has been good though! I hope All continues to go well. This week has been boring. Rain and bike problems pretty much killed every lesson we had. We had quite a few days where we didn't end up teaching anything, so we would go street contacting and we'd end up in a stupid conversation with someone. Hopefully this next week goes better. Elder Groesbeck is getting transferred to Port Antonio, I'll miss him, he was really cool. Sister Lewis is going to the Bahamas too. We got a district pic but my camera won't upload to this computer so you might have to wait a week for the pictures. But I took pics, and I even got a house picture for American Thanksgiving, we all bought rice and peas and fried chicken and ate it in our kitchen. It was pretty nice.

I printed off a ton of talks the other day at the church and I've found some pretty cool ones, but that's about all I've done for study. And I watched some conference from the 70s, which was also cool.


Tell everyone I say hi, and that I'm doing pretty good and that I'm not dead. Just kinda hungry

Elder Zeck

Elder Zeck and Elder Pace with Thanksgiving Dinner

Pre Transfer District Photo