Monday, November 10, 2014

It's His Birthday!!

No August box yet, just the hallow e'en one, which was still awesome. The cake looked really good. (We baked a birthday cake for him and ate it.) I think to celebrate today I'm going to get a milkshake from Burger King, and maybe some cinnamon buns and chocolate milk from the store. I've found a new favorite drink called peanut punch. It's really good! I also like Ginger Beer. The stuff here burns my throat pretty bad when I drink it too fast but I really like it. Sorry this is going to be a shorter email, I don't have much to say, and not much time either. Sounds like everyone is doing well though!

The new bike is good. How did you know I got one? I heard the last elder to have it got hit by a car, and then got a new bike while they fixed this one up. I have a feeling it will probably break and make me die, but that's okay. Transfers are every six weeks, so the next one is December 3. I wear one pair of shoes for proselyting, and I save the other pair for meetings so I never have to polish them. But I have used the polish, and it's pretty cool. I've never polished shoes before so I don't actually know if I do it right. I hopefully will never have to get a new bike again. I got it for 2200 which is way cheap. That's like, 14000 cheaper than the missionary bought it. The seat is okay, but I'll probably get a better one, because I don't want butt problems. Walking is fine though. Just one blister.

This week was pretty boring, walking a lot. There were quite a few days where everything fell through, and it was literally just walking for seven hours, trying to do things, and being unsuccessful. It's a good thing I like Elder Pace. But the week has been good. No real news with anyone. Fun fact though! Brother L, I've been teaching him since I got here, he's finally reactivated! He's a solid member now, he likes coming, we don't have to wake him up anymore, and he really likes his classes. He's quiet and doesn't really interact with anyone, but he really appreciates that we meet with him. He and I had kind of a cool moment this week where I gave him my watch. Which probably just sounds weird saying it like that. But a few weeks ago he made an off comment that he needed a wrist watch. Today I decided to give him my fish one that I got from Walmart. I bought a new one last week so it's cool, but I think it meant a lot to him, and he wore it to church on Sunday. Tender moments. Speaking of which, send me some watches! As cheap and tacky as you can find that would still be appropriate for missionary work! Anyway, I've got a lot of emails to reply to, love you all!

Elder Zeck

Don't be an idiot and crash the car - To, Jordan
Especially not on New Years Eve

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  1. Love reading the updates from Elder Z...and his words of advice :)