Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hopefully He Will Get One More Transfer in Portmore......

(I asked him if he had bought a messenger bag because of some pictures he sent. He's actually got his scripture bag on a strap and he uses that. I guess I should sent him a messenger bag......)

The backpack just made my back really sweaty and people would always ask why I had such a big backpack. The shoulder bag is easier I guess for now. Yeah I'm sad I'm out of Nutella, I can buy it here on random occasions but it's expensive. I'll probably buy it anyway though... I have enough money though. I always have enough money to last me the month. I only use home funds for bike repairs, and for cool souvenirs, which I buy maybe too frequently. However this month I may have gone over board and treated myself to too many expensive guilty pleasure kind of foods. I ate a lot of cheese cake, and I'll just leave it at that. I think I gained some weight, so I should probably start running again, I don't wanna be too fat. But I'm okay with being a little fat. I know a couple missionaries who budget money at the beginning of every month to buy chocolate muffins every week, which I think is smart! I really hope I get one more transfer in Portmore 'cause Elder Pace and I have worked out a genius meal plan for next month, and we'll end up with a few thousand left over. Funds carry over into the next month, but I usually just blow the left over money on expensive food at the end of the month. I have enough unopened oatmeal right now to feed me for a month, so I'm not concerned about starving anytime soon. I'm going to be taking some more money out today probably because we're going to Kingston on Wednesday, and I might do a little more shopping. I figure this could be the only time I'm close to Kingston so I may as well. But at the same time, I could also spend my whole mission close to Kingston, I don't really know. I went on a trade off with Elder Adams in Kingston, and I don't think I'd like being in a truck, I like the bikes. However A/C is beautiful.

We had a primary presentation this week too, which was kinda funny. The primary is tiny, so it was really quiet when they would sing.

This week's been good. Not much going on, it's raining more, which is kinda nice, other than the fact we have to keep our bikes in the house now, so our tiny place is perpetually dirty. I've learned to just accept it and live in my own filth, which sounds awful, but you get used to it.

Well, this week I finished the Book of Mormon again. That was good. I'm studying the commandments right now. I'm making a list of things that we've been commanded to do to attain exaltation, and a lot of them are really simple, and I never actually knew they were commandments. Baptism and Marriage are obvious ones, but then there were things like praying in families, I didn't know studying every day was a commandment. I thought it was a good suggestion. Family history work is also a commandment, so I guess there's something for me to work on someday.

Had a lot of people stand us up this week. We started teaching this 13 year old kid, and he obviously only wanted to meet with us because he wanted to get to know a couple white guys. I thought it was funny, the second we started teaching, he totally turned off and zoned out. And once the lesson was over, he wouldn't stop asking us about America, Football, and Fast and Furious movies. We're probably going to drop him soon. Nice kid though.

We met another guy this week named Sam, who yelled at us as we rode by saying "It's over 9000!" So I yelled back, "Wow, that's really high" and he said, "yeah, it is." We realized that was a Dragon Ball Z reference and rode back to ask him, and we ended up talking about religion and conspiracies, he seemed really intelligent and cool. We'll hopefully start teaching him soon.

We still don't have helmets of our own, because no shop in the parish sells them.

We found a place called Woody's that sells the best rice and peas and fried chicken that I've had so far, and Elder Pace said it's the second best he's ever had. I really hope I stay in Portmore, because I'd eat there all the time!

That's about it this week. Just plunking along. No one is accepting baptismal dates. We have a couple investigators living basically like Mormons, who just don't want to be baptized yet, which is frustrating, but we're praying for them. Stuff's good though. We got the Ensign magazine.  Jorg's talk is still my favorite.

I hope stuff's still good! I should probably figure out this whole Skype thing.

Elder Zeck

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