Monday, October 20, 2014

Too Busy to Write.......Again!!!!

No time again today! Super busy! Elder Hunt got transferred to the Bahamas tonight so we're running around doing stuff.
Love you all. I'll just email pics and stuff next week. Didn't read the email but I looked at the pics, and I'm totally not jealous. Cool. Love you all and whatever, next week I'll for sure have the full 2 hours to email so I'll fill you in the 3 weeks!

Elder Zeck!

This is me and Elder Hunt, this is our last day together. So we both wore our chains and took a picture. They were all awful pictures. But he got his chain off of Brother Lawrence ( I got it for him.) and then I bought my chain from the mall for cheap, and the necklace was made for me by a recent convert/Ex-Rastafarian guy named Michael. So yeah. That's Whatsup

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