Monday, October 27, 2014

More Portmore, A New Companion, and Lots of Pictures

Then we found a sign. I guess there's a big problem here with people just dumping trash wherever they want.

First pics here are of James eating his first chicken foot soup.

Well, my new companion is Elder Pace, he's pretty cool. Red head, born in California, lived in Idaho, loves it there. He's been out the same time as Elder Hunt. We get along really well, and we teach together really well. He's a musician and he has a guitar and ukulele, and Elder Hunt left me his uke, so we hang out and talk when we have spare time before bed and stuff. It's all good. I'm leading the area which is kinda nice, the days go by shorter because I'm supposed to know everything about the area now so I lead and do all the cool stuff. Hopefully I don't get transferred anytime soon, but I guess we'll find out.

Yeah I'll miss Elder Hunt, but he'll have a good time in the Bahamas. I'll bet there's McDonalds there. I'll miss him though.

The other Elders are doing good. Elder Hall's trainer went home so now he's leading his area. Elder Maxwell just got a missionary from Edmonton, who was just a branch president in Negril. Elder Keuhn I hear is doing well but I haven't heard from him. He's in a different zone, in Santa Cruz.

No one else from our apartment got transferred, but Sister Pitt went home, so Sister Lewis got Sister Walker, a Jamaican sister, it looks like they're doing well too.

I feel fine, the chikungunye is still kinda in my joints. Some mornings my back and my thumbs hurt, and sometimes it hurts to walk, but it wasn't ever that bad. People make it sound way worse than it is, although it wasn't pleasant. I'm fine. I haven't been sick yet which is a bonus.

Basketball was just fun 'cause I got to hang out with other missionaries, I'm terrible at basketball so I basically just made sure I wasn't open the whole time we played, but I tried to look useful. I got a few shots though.

Life sounds good  for you all! I'm just tired all the time, and sometimes kinda bored. But I love it. It's starting to cool down now which is nice. I've been emailing Parker and it sounds like he's doing really well. I mailed him a letter a couple weeks ago actually. When the lady at the counter saw the letter she asked if Albania was in the States. Which I thought was really funny. I'm glad you still miss me though. I'm almost at 4 months though which is kinda crazy. It goes by really slow, and then when I look back it feels like it goes too fast. I don't know, I just try not to think about time too much. 

That's really funny (his brother's recent adventures with our car), I hope Jordan just doesn't do what I did and wreck the car. But good, those are good learning experiences. I hope he has many many more, and I mean that in a loving brother kinda way.

I heard you keep a blog of my emails. I'm pretty sure I specifically asked you not to, but I guess I can't really do anything about it. Do you just post all my letters? I guess that's okay.

As far as my life, it's pretty much the same. Oh, if you ever feel inclined to send stuff to me, Beef Jerky would be awesome, and if you ever send me new pants, I think if the crotch in the pants was higher, that'd be better, because I'm always really afraid the crotch in my pants will rip when I step on and off my bike. A button up shirt for just wearing around the house here would be cool too. Oh and new towels.

Well, Elder Groesbeck made bread, and it was actually really really good! So that was awesome. Hopefully he does it again.

I also found out that "I'm trying to be like Jesus" can be sung to the tune of the Harry Potter theme, or one of the themes anyways

Elder Hunt and I went to this Crusade thing, where these Pentecostals get together and play music and praise the Lord or whatever they're doing. And before they start, a prayer warrior comes and basically just yells at God for 10 minutes. It was pretty interesting to watch. But it was neat seeing how someone else shows their faith. I'm glad we don't do things like that, it was pretty annoying and loud.

We got stopped by a lady on the street and long story short, she works at a teachers college and she asked us to give a presentation about our religion to a class of students or something. I have a feeling it'll get passed off to the missionaries in Kingston, but that was kinda cool. It would be a really unique experience.

Someone  complimented me on my handwriting.

If you could send me some easy, missionary recipes, that would be awesome! Like, pancakes, or how to prepare meat, simple things but, things none the less. I'm getting tired of cereal and instant potatoes. Also, what can I do with flour? Elder hunt left me a lot. I also heard there's a movie coming out called Meet the Mormons? That sounds pretty cool, is it coming to theaters in Canada too?

I also ate oatmeal for the first time. and I made juice, but it turned out really nasty, so maybe I'll give up on that dream now while I'm ahead.

As far as my missionary work goes, still not a lot of progress. We have like, 15 investigators, but no one is progressing. which is discouraging but for a lot of people I don't know what else to do so I don't let it bother me. I wish I could take away their agency and make them do what we tell them, but then I'd be Satan! So I'll just keep working I guess. I'm getting along with everyone, and people like to feed us. The days are hot and busy and I'm just doing what I can. I'm just really tired, all of the time. Literally, all of the time. I don't why I'm so happy. I'm too tired to be happy, but some how it happens. We started running again, we do about 3 miles when we run, and we try to run 5 days a week, and we got a ghetto bench press, so I've been creative with that. Church is good. We've almost reactivated a less active guy which is exciting! He comes of his own free will now which is a bonus! we don't have to remind him every week. I had my first mango. I've become a pro at patching bike tires. Did I mention how tired I am? We started teaching a 12 year old boy the other day, and he has tons of questions and lots of potential so hopefully we can help him out. He seems really intelligent, and really open minded. When I was his age, I probably wouldn't have cared. But that's just how Jamaica is I guess. Religion is taught in schools from day 1, and there's a church on every street in the whole country. Definitely a different world.

Sorry, no cool stories this week really. Just Trying to do all I can before I have to come home.

Hope all is well and that everyone is having a good school year. Anyone going trick or treating?

Elder Zeck

Elder Groesbeck's Bread

This is Andrew, he fixes cars and he has a little garden in his yard. He's super cool and gave us free sugar cane. He's really excited to make this sorreal in wine this Christmas. We're teaching his friend right now.  Also note that that is the first picture I've sent home with a Jamaican in it, so for all you knew, I could've been somewhere else. And this is the guava juice I tried to make

This is the mango juice I then proceeded to fail at making
And this is my fried breadfruit with teriyaki sauce. I love breadfruit!
Portmore Missionaries before transfers

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