Monday, September 15, 2014

One Transfer In......He's a Real Missionary Now!!

That's weird to think about snow, because it's still really really really really hot out here. Some of the sisters from my district in the MTC said it snowed where they were, I think Elder Adams from the MTC is in Medicine Hat right now which is kinda cool!

No package as of two days ago, but maybe it's at the mission office or something. And the bike seat is awesome! I'm patching the tires every few days it seems, but it's nothing too hard. My only big repair was on my first day when my back axle melted and the tire wouldn't spin, so I had to carry my bike on my shoulder for a half hour until we found a bike shop, but other than that the bike is fine.

Yeah Chikungunya or whatever sounds pretty terrible. A good chunk of the people we teach have had it, and our land lord and land lady had it, and my companion had it, and Elder Groesbeck had it. And a lot of people in our ward have had it. It doesn't sound fun, joint pain and rashes. It basically turns you into an old person, and old people just get really really sick. I haven't gotten it. I don't plan on getting it either. I've said from day one that I wasn't going to get it, and I think purely by my own free will, I have repelled all disease carrying mosquitoes. I think I'm good. I don't use repellent often truthfully, I probably should. Sister Brown said we should, I wore it to bed a couple nights, and some times after it rains I throw some on, but I don't use it very often.

As for running, we sometimes run up a mountain on Saturday mornings, but recent events have made it difficult to get out running. That and we're so tired that we need the sleep anyway, we usually just work out in the morning. I hate running so I'm not complaining either, but maybe soon we'll start back up. Depends on how the next  couple weeks go, but if we don't run anymore, I'll be just fine with that. Running in a million percent humidity at 5:30 in the morning is not rad.

Yeah I ate another chicken bone last night. I still don't like it.

No I can't buy Nutella here, but it's not a big deal, I can melt tootsie rolls or something if I get desperate. I found Aloe Vera Vaseline that is awesome, I've only used it once though, it's more for Elder  Groesbeck, he gets really bad burns a couple times a week. Shaving stuff is abundant, it's just expensive, but it's not something I can't afford, so that's fine. Except razors might  be nice in the next package. I've been using a dull razor for a couple weeks now, I'm afraid I'll run out. But it's fine. I got a postcard from Moser the other day which was awesome! He's traveling Europe with his family, but he didn't give me his email so I can't respond... I can't wait to see him and we can eat taco in a bag in two years!

I hope all that answers your emails. I'll try and recap my week as painlessly as possible.

Out here, Pear, is actually just big avocado, and they don't have real pears here. So.. That was disappointing. But the avocado (pear) is really good!

I made a no bake Oreo cake, and I've become the pancake king. I made vanilla cinnamon pancakes the other day for everyone. I think it's going to become my staple food of consumption. I don't make it often, but the pancakes I make are really good I think. It helps that the recipe is just mix and water, so I don't actually have to do anything.

I carried a full conversation with a taxi driver the other day, which is awesome, because I actually understood the whole conversation! Then he tried to get me to buy him gas for his car, to which I laughed and said no. He didn't think it was very funny. He then tried to get me to buy him a phone card so he could have credit on his phone. I laughed and said no again, he didn't thank that was funny either.

Rain has killed our FHE plans for 2 weeks in a row now. Rain pretty much destroys every plan we ever make. The second it starts to rain, people don't leave their house for anything.

I learned that if you smoke lizard tail, it'll turn you into a mad man, so I guess some drug dealers out here put lizard tail in their weed that they sell, and that's why there are so many mad men in Jamaica, I thought that was kinda cool.

A recent convert we have (from before me) was wearing a Rolling Stones shirt, I was going to ask her if she was a fan, but then I didn't, because she's obviously not. They've never heard of the Stones out here. Not in Portmore anyway.

There's a Sister H in our ward that has a hard time getting around, she's super awesome though, I love visiting with her, and so we chop her yard sometimes. And I get a lot of satisfaction out of riding around with a machete in my hands. People stare at me from their cars and houses, and yell at me, 'cause there's this dumb white kid biking around town with a sharp machete in his hand. It makes me feel like I'm part of the culture, I feel pretty cool.

There's this cook shop called Taste of Art, and I think they like me, 'cause they hook me up with extra meat whenever I go, which is awesome, so I'm going to milk that for as long as possible. The ladies there are really nice, and I think one of them is looking for a husband to take her to the States or Canada, so I guess we'll see where that goes! She keeps asking us to pray for her.

There's another recent convert named "F" (also before me) and she has a Genip tree in her backyard, and of course the one day I don't have my camera, she asks if we want to climb the tree and pick some Genip for ourselves. So I climb up the tree in my proselyting clothes and dress shoes and I'm up there picking the fruits off. Then they pass me a really dull machete and tell me to cut off this one limb of the tree, which was a really cool experience. I felt like I was in Jamaica! I chopped the limb down, and we realized there was no fruit on it... So that was a let down, but the Genip was really sweet and ripe, so the experience was totally worth it. I wish I had a picture, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. I was a decent way up the tree too!

Is it true Robin Williams hung himself? I've been told that by two other missionaries now, and it's distressing me... Is it true?

I got to cut open a coconut and drink the coconut water straight from the coconut! That was neat. It was really good too. The boxed coconut water in Canada is disgusting! I got some at Booster Juice once and I wanted to puke.

"I", that one investigator where her mom banned her from being a Mormon, she called us in secret a few days ago to see how everything was going. So that was nice, she still thinks about the church and misses it. She still really wants to be baptized too. Hopefully she does!

I made a killer egg in a basket the other day. The egg was fried in the bread, and then I put on cinnamon roll syrup and strawberry cream cheese. I know I'm a genius.

I patched a bike tire all by myself yesterday! That was exciting. But then I started riding and realized there was a second hole... Not exciting..

I also think I have the whole missionary diet down, because I just buy a ton of eggs, and then I buy Nature Valley bars, and I scramble the egg, and just crush up nature valley bar in it. I'm going to come home and not know what to do with myself when the fridge has more than bread, eggs, and peanut butter in it.

As far as teaching, this week was really slow, not a lot of appointments, lots of lessons fell through. We had one investigator at church which was cool! She's been coming to church for 4 weeks now and no one told us she wasn't a member, so we got to teaching her, and she really likes our church. She has a good friend who's a solid member. Also, Elder Johnson got transferred to Montego Bay, so we got a new Elder, Elder Ashby, he's pretty quiet. I think he was a farm kid. But he's really nice, and obedient, and I think he's a good missionary. Him and Elder Groesbeck will do really well together. I'm doing well though. I've gotten most the area down, and I don't really have any issues. There was a single day a week ago where I was feeling really gross and I didn't want to be awake, but after that day I've been doing just fine! I love being out here, which I say every week. It's weird to think that I've been away from home for two months as of tomorrow, and I'll be in Jamaica for two months in a couple weeks! My first transfer ended this past Wednesday, so I'm officially in transfer two! I've been focussing a lot on just trying to be open and happy all the time. I wasn't a totally solitary person at home, but I cherished my alone time. Out here, alone time is non existant, and I'm in a social situation for pretty much the entire day, so I get tired some days. But I've been pulling through, like I said. I have no issues out here. I think the next 22 months will fly by, so I just want to start trying my hardest now so I don't go home wishing I had done more. That's probably the thing I worry about the most, is not doing my best. But I'm sure I'll be fine.

I really look forward to the package! I've been writing a letter to you guys for a few weeks but I'm so busy I don't get much time to really sit down and write.

I think your question from before is what can't I buy. I can't find sunscreen, although I hear it exists. and that's about it, I have everything I need out here. However, if you want to send anything, send sun screen, razors, white shirts, and sweat rags would be nice too. I just have the one and I wash it every night. Then you know, food and candy. pancake mix, or syrups or powders of any kind. I'm down with whatever, I'm pretty good at making food last.

Well I'm glad to hear everything at home is going really well! I like reading the updates from home every week, this letter is the first one I write every monday, so it takes up about a half hour to get all the info down.

I love and miss you all!

Elder Zeck

James decided that he will leave these ties behind with the following note....

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