Monday, September 8, 2014

Portmore, a Machete, and a New Bike Seat.....Finally!!


Sounds like everyone is doing really well. It's cool Jackson is learning Card Tricks, I've always believed the coolest people were magicians. I think it's the most satisfying form of lying directly in someones face, and them never knowing it. I carry around a rubber band out here because kids always stop us to do magic tricks for them, so I do a couple. I probably shouldn't be perpetuating the stereotype that white people know magic, but it makes them think we're cool. Tell Jordan good luck with his test. I remember how nervous I was for it, and I made a few dumb mistakes. My only advice is don't try to befriend the instructor, because they don't care. It ended up just distracting me while I drove. I hope he does well! And as for Jared it's about time! Life is easier with friends, socializing is a good skill too. Especially on  a mission, I've found my ability to talk to people and relate to them makes everything way easier, especially with befriending members of the ward, that's been the most important part for me here.

I was thinking about Waterton the other day, I miss Canada. That's cool you saw the Orrs, small world.

 We taught a family home evening last week about being a child of god, we used a scripture from Romans. It was chapter 8, I don't remember the verse. But it talks about how our sufferings don't compare to our promises for enduring, and it talks about how as children of God we are heirs of his kingdom, I think that's reason enough for me to not do anything stupid. I've found on my mission, it's really easy to become complacent. I feel the spirit all the time, and I pray all the time, and I teach the same thing over and over again. It's really really easy to forget about the Lords part in that, and it's easy to just go with the flow and forget that I'm not in this alone. Every companionship is actually a tri-companionship. We've got to have the spirit with us too, and if we don't understand the spirit's role in our lives, I don't think we understand the Atonement. I remember, last week, I was having a hard time for a few days, I don't know why, but I was really distracted, and I just didn't feel too awesome. I was having a hard time paying attention in lessons and I wasn't saying much at all. I wasn't oblivious to it either, I knew something was up, but I didn't know what. At first I just thought I was tired, but it persisted for three days ish. One morning I just said a really long prayer, and I asked for help, I asked for a lot of things. Mostly for strength and stuff like that. In hind sight, at the time, my prayers were starting to lack, and after I said that prayer, the next day went by really fast, because mentally, I was right back in the work. I love being a missionary!

As far as my next package, and like, birthdays and stuff. By all means, put money on the card so I can just buy souvenirs. I saw a pair of Gucci sandals the other day for sale, which is funny, because I'm positive Gucci doesn't make sandals. At least like the one I saw on the side of the road. So yeah, money so I can buy cool stuff, or even just for extra grocery money , I wouldn't say no. However, I'm going to need more white dress shirts. The collars get really dirty really fast, and just because it's so dirty here, and I'm constantly fixing my bike and carrying stuff around, my shirts get pretty messy. A lot of elders have cream colored shirts because they've been wearing them for a year. So if you want to send out more shirts, I'd just save them until my current shirts are unwearable. Candy is always good. We have a 3 hour planning session every friday morning, where we plan for the whole week, and sometimes some candy is needed. Also nutella, I'd never say no to that. Or like, anything non-perishable that I can use for my meals, like hot chocolate powder, or pancake mix, or a giant chocolate chip bag. But honestly, white shirts would be the most useful thing. But I have the money here, I can afford everything I need, so you can totally send me things I don't need, like candy, or playing cards, or sun screen (which would also be awesome).

The week was pretty good. The other day some guys stopped us on the street and asked us for 100 dollars so they could buy some bread, we said no of course. And they started coming up with these ridiculous schemes to get more money. One of them, because these guys were serious, so I didn't know how to take it. But one of the guys really candidly said that they would call the police over and told them that we stole their bikes, so the cops would beat us up, and the guys would take our bikes and sell them. I just laughed at him, and he looked at me and asked what I thought was so funny? So I just laughed again. People always ask me to give them my bike.

Speaking of my bike, good news! I bought this new seat that actually feels good on my butt! No hemorrhoids for this missionary! It's got shocks in the seat, and it's really comfy, and I got it for a deal from my ward mission leader for 1000 dollars because it was used! So that's awesome. I hit pot holes on purpose just to spite them now. I used to stand in some lessons because it hurt so much to sit, but now, I can sit all day long!

The ward mission leader is super cool, Brother "L". He fed us the other day, and I ate a bone from the chicken he gave us. I'm still not a fan.

Also, for service this week, there's a lady in our ward named Sister "H", she's really cool. She fed us the best tasting corned beef I've had since I've been out. We offered to cut her lawn, or "chop her yard". We did it with machetes, which was way more time consuming. We didn't even finish, we're going back tomorrow. But that was a really neat experience, definitely not something I'd see at home.

We have a new investigator named "T", maybe I talked about her before, but she basically told us she was coming to church, and she actually came! The past few weeks have been slow and unproductive, so this will hopefully be a look up for us. She said she'd bring her son and friend next week too!

Just a side note, KFC here is way better than KFC in Canada.

The zone leaders came down from Kingston this week to go on trades with the two sets of elders here. That was pretty cool, we had Elder Ruesch come with us, and Elder Williams went with the other two.It was a really good experience, Elder Ruesch taught me a lot about asking inspired questions. Something I've struggled with since the MTC. I love teaching, and I think I'm okay at it. I love telling people what I know, so it's hard for me sometimes to ask more questions, and let the spirit teach. I like to just say it how it is, I'm more direct I guess. But that day I learned a lot about how to ask good questions, and follow the spirit there. Then the next day I made like, fifty chocolate chip banana pancakes for everyone! Service I can eat, is good service.

My week was pretty good. Nothing really crazy has happened. I'm tired all the time. I look forward to going to bed everyday because I'm so exhausted. It's more mentally draining than physically, but I love the work I'm doing. I hope everyone at home is doing well, and I love reading the emails! I barely have time to email my friends because I've spent all my email time sending letters to family, which is kind of cool. But yeah, I think that's about it. I'm doing really well, I'm surviving, I'm eating, I've fellowshipped a good chunk of the ward, which is nice, because if the ward trusts you, they give you more responsibility, which means more chances to get good work done! I think if the ward didn't like me, my work would be a lot harder, because we rely so heavily on the members here.

Also, quick question, who directed the Batman trilogy? Was it Michael Bay? I've been having a debate with another Elder about it, and I thought it was Christopher Nolan that directed the new Batman movies. But I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. We got in an argument the other day because he said Michael Bay was the best director ever, and I laughed and told him that Michael Bay was everything wrong with entertainment industry, and the other Elder didn't like that comment very much.

Well anyway, I love you all! I hope school keeps going well, I'll try to keep better record of my cool stories so I remember them for these emails. I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday!

Elder Zeck

James and a machete.  He has a tan line!!!!!

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  1. Reading this letter was a great way to start my day! Happy for him that he's found such a comfortable bike seat- it's the little things in life that count most. And yes, Elder Zeck has not lost his touch on movie trivia- Christopher Nolan was the man.