Monday, September 1, 2014

Portmore is More Familiar Now

Me and Elder Hunt are doing good, we get along really well. We teach well together too which is definitely a bonus. We have a few new investigators as of this week. We were trying to teach this one lady, "J", but she'd always set up appointments at times when she wasn't home, and we caught on pretty quick. But one day we came by and there was 8 people in her yard, and we ended up teaching them all the Restoration instead of "J", and we think out of the 8 we got 2 or 3 new investigators! One is "T", she was really cool. She called us the next day and asked when we could come and talk to her again, and apparently that never happens. So we met with her and she told us she was coming to church on sunday, but she had a back  to school emergency or something and had to leave town, but she said she was really mad about it, and she's bringing her 4 year old son and a good friend with her to church next sunday. She's really receptive to our message, and she really likes the members that she's met so far.

We had trades this last week which was cool because it meant I got to lead in my area. Elder Hunt went with Elder Johnson, and Elder Groesbeck went off with me, and I took him around our area and he taught with me, and it went really really well. I didn't get lost once, and I found all the houses even though there's no addresses on anything. I think i'm getting the hang of the area now which is nice, I hated biking around not knowing where I am, but now that I'm familiar with the area I find it easier to enjoy the travel time between appointments because I can look for new routes to places, and short cuts.

Then there's "H", he had a stroke, we talked about him last week, we set up a baptismal date, but the member that takes care of him doesn't think he's ready so she made us cancel it. Which was stupid. I was a little upset about that.

Yeah it was sad about "I", but she is too afraid to stand up to her mom, and because she's going to school and has no job she can't afford to live anywhere else, so she's stopped meeting us and gotten rid of her Book of Mormon. I was upset about that too. Hopefully something changes, but I guess it's her choice. We tried to talk to her about how she can overcome and her testimony but I guess she just doesn't see that the Lord would provide if she made that leap of faith. But, it's her choice, and her life, we can't force her... Unfortunately...

Yeah, I sent out an email to all the MTC missionaries from my district last week, and they all seem to be doing well.  The sisters are serving closer to Calgary I think, I don't know where the two elders are yet, I haven't read their emails.

Zone conference was good, I didn't really learn anything new, but it gave me some new ideas on how to do my missionary work. They're really pushing for more lessons with members, which is really hard out here because no one has cars, so everyone walks or taxis everywhere. So we need to find strong members in every area and neighbourhood and then start getting them to lessons. We had a meeting with sister "G", the ward missionary, yesterday and she's hoping to come out with us. We also have two recent converts, "D" and "H", who both want to come out and help us teach some days, and they have bikes which is awesome, so they can help us out with our teaching.

I had my first bad lesson last week, fun fact. We brought Donald along because he was in the area, and we went over. Her name is "G", and it was our first lesson, she seemed interested when we met her. But I guess that particular day she was having a bad day so the whole lesson she barely talked, and she wouldn't look at us, and she was texting, and it was just terrible and embarrassing. I wanted to just stand up and walk away. That wasn't a good time, but then it rained on her, which kind of helped...

I don't know if I've told you this but we don't teach inside people's houses because it's too hot. Every lesson I've taught so far except for a couple in the church, have been outside on peoples verandas in front of their house, we never teach inside. another fun fact.

It sounds like things at home are going really well!

I think I've got my budgeting down though. My problem isn't spending too much money though, it's eating too much food. There are weeks where I don't have enough food for sunday or saturday, because I eat too much at once, so I have to buy a lot of food on monday to replenish it, but I've started eating less, and I don't need to buy as much on mondays. I think I'm good though. We just got paid today for the month so now I can see if I can make the month without going broke. I still had money left over this month so I think I'm doing okay. Elder Johnson went two weeks without money last month apparently. I'll try hard not to do that.

As far as here, I don't have a lot of stories, it rained a lot this week so people cancelled lessons like crazy. A little rain and everyone shuts down. I don't think they're afraid of the rain, but they don't go out, or do anything, when it rains. There was even a huge thunder storm on friday night which was pretty awesome. Huge forks of lightning most of the night. Some people think a hurricane is coming, because it's hurricane season, and the past few months have been abnormally dry and hot. I don't think one is coming though. The rain is nice. It cools down the air a lot, and I don't mind biking in the rain either. The rain is warm here too, like in Victoria! (Rain is not warm in Victoria)  We were visiting a member who's daughter just got back from the states and she said she noticed something while she was out there. I guess it's a popular practice for young Jamaicans to bleach their face to make their skin lighter. And she commented it was funny how Jamaicans bleach to look more like white people, and Americans spend all day in the sun to look like black people.

That's about it though. Nothing too exciting. I'm afraid my bike seat is going to do permanent damage to my butt, or give me a hemorrhoid, so I'm going to buy a new seat this week hopefully. We almost caught the mouse in our apartment but it disappeared on us again. I haven't seen nearly as much weed as I thought I would. It's still really hot. We teach a lot most days. For service we painted tree trunks for two hours, because Jamaicans like to paint tree trunks.

How's everything at home? You said Jared was reading Isaiah before, how's that going? Is Jackson still Drumming? Are they all doing piano lessons still? Who're Jordan and Jared's teachers this year?

Well, thanks for the email, hope all is well at home!

Elder Zeck

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