Monday, September 29, 2014

He Got the Gunya Virus

The past couple weeks have been pretty lame because of Chikungunya, because everyone is sick or pretending to be sick, so we only teach a couple lessons a day now, which is just frustrating, because it makes the days go really slow and boring. These past two weeks have felt like the MTC all over again, just boring and long. I got Chikungunya last Sunday, I think I forgot to mention that. But yeah, it isn't very fun. It's like having arthritis all over your body! I imagine that's how old people feel. I got a really bad headache and a high fever, and my mouth got all swollen so it hurt to eat, and my gums swelled up to the point where they would bleed, and then my hands and feet were swollen too, so my shoes were really tight and it hurt to bike. It was pretty awful to say the least. So I took some Advil and it helped, and then I learned that Aspirin and Advil make it worse, so I stopped taking the Advil and all the symptoms came back pretty quick and I'm finally getting over it now. It made for a really boring, and long, and uneventful week. But I'm fine now. I think it'll probably spread around the world like Swine Flu did, so if you hear about it in Canada, just take Tylenol. There's no antibiotic or vaccination for it yet, so they just prescribe painkillers. The ibuprofen in the Advil has a bad effect with it or something. I didn't really know. But yeah, that's basically my week. I didn't want to stop proselyting because we've had so few appointments lately any way, so I went out on my bike anyway. I probably should've rested but it was whatever. It wasn't as bad as I just made it sound I think. I'm still really tired all the time though, I hope that stops quick. Once this virus blows over hopefully the time starts to fly again, we're slowly getting back to the amount of teaching we had before.

Other than that, this week was pretty boring too. Nothing really happened. We had a couple good lessons with some new investigators, there's potential with them so I suppose we'll see what happens.

Tell Jackson I say congrats on the medal!

Something cool that happened, is I've started a craze in our apartment. We call our apartment the Gunye House because all 5 missionaries that have lived here since the Gunya virus has gotten it. Elder Ashby is just getting over it too. But anyway, more importantly, 97 percent of Jamaican males wear chains around their necks. So I ask everyone where they get their chains, it helps break the ice a little bit. I've been obsessing over chains kind of as a joke for a month now, but it's turned to real obsession. I've even acquired a real chain for Elder Hunt! I've been asking older members in our ward that I know pretty well, if they have old chains they don't wear anymore, and this one guy in our ward, Brother Lawrence, actually said yes! So Elder Hunt got his old silver chain, and it looks pretty fresh. My goal is to collect a chain from a member of every ward I serve in. I might be buying a chain off of Brother Malcolm this coming week, but I guess we'll see. So we talk about chains a lot in our down time. It's kind of funny. I don't have much else to say this week. I'm just tired maybe. Nothing really happened. I just got sick.

The week before I ate an entire large dominoes pizza by myself in one sitting, did i already tell you that?


Elder Zeck

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