Monday, August 25, 2014

Zone Conference, Breadfruit, Cleaning the Apartment

Serious Selfie

Hey Mom!

I have tons left (sunscreen), I barely use any, and as you saw from the zone conference pics, I'm still very white. My arms are getting dark though. I'm gonna buy a new bike seat next month when I get more money. Yeah we have a chapel. It's got a really high fence around it, it's just a white building. I'll take a picture for you for next week if I remember. The other Elders are boys, and are human. I'll probably take pics this next week. Pdays, we clean, today was a deep cleaning day. We cleaned every room in our small apartment, we found huge colonies of ants and a couple dead roaches. I found dishes I didn't know existed, and we purged our fridge. There were things in there from a year ago, so it was about time we got rid of all that. So today was big cleaning. But some weeks we cook at members houses. We're making Bread Pudding at a members house next Monday, it's the most delicious thing I've ever had! Sometimes we watch Elder Johnson go fishing. Other than that we usually taxi into town instead of bike, and then we get lunch, email, shop, go home, and take a nap or study. Lots of laundry too. Depends on if we have water though. Yup, I see Sister Pitt all the time, she's almost done her mission, she serves here in Portmore ward as well. The sisters get a truck though. I also know now that I will be okay with any apartment I will ever get in Canada, which is kind of a blessing. I don't have high standards anymore. And yeah, we kill the roaches and sweep them out the door. The mouse however has not been found. 

Yeah I had a good chat with Sister and Elder Hall. They're really nice. We talked for a while and they said if I was ever in need of anything I could call them and they'd be my direct line to you guys! So that's cool, but they're really nice. And yeah, I'm working on the posture thing (I told him he needs to stand up straight). I feel good though. I feel like I've been out on a mission for months, but at the same time, it all flies by so quick that it only feels like a couple weeks. I past my one month mark from being home this week which is really cool! and next P day is my one month in Jamaica mark! I'm about half way through my first transfer too, so that's all really cool. And yeah I'm eating well. I drink a ton of water. I eat lots of peanut butter and guava jelly sandwiches on whole grain bread. Lots of broccoli and tomatoes and apples and stuff like that. Sometimes I make pancakes. The other night I fried up some breadfruit too, I'll send some pictures of that. That was really good!

That's cool! I wanted to read his notebooks (Jared is letting his mom read his literary work of art). I'll just have to wait. I hope they're good! and yeah Jordan wrote me, I've gotten letters from everyone now which is nice. I like having a little contact with home. I hope Jackson takes up the drums though. It's a ton of fun, and it's one of the coolest instruments there is in my opinion. And I think he could be really good at it! I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well though, I hope that passes over. It's like, 30 degrees at night, and that's when it's cool here. So yeah, 12 degrees doesn't sound too bad. At the same time, I don't miss the cold in the slightest. I love the heat!

I'm kind of jealous about Hawaii, but that'll be super fun for you guys too. I'm sure Dad will also like those couple weeks. Also tell Caileigh thanks for the present her and Devlan made for me when I left, I really like it, and let her know I've been using it! But cool, sounds like all is well at home! I have listened to the CD. I'm not exactly sure what I'm allowed to watch and listen to, but we have a dvd/CD player at the apartment so I listened to a little bit of the CD, it's pretty good. It's a nice change from the EFY music that's constantly playing.

I was thinking this past week, and I don't really like to live with regrets. I believe in owning up to everything you do. But after thinking about it, I do think I have one regret from before my mission, in my preparation. I wish I had some mission journals. I think I would have been so much more prepared if I had read the thoughts of people from when they were on their missions, and read their first moments and thoughts. So I don't know if this is possible, but maybe, if you ever send another package to me, if I could get one of dads old missionary journals if they're still kicking around. I understand if that's something you don't want to lose or anything in the mail, but if you think that's something I could get, I'd love to read. Or even like, Uncle Scott or Grandpa or anyone. I don't know, it's just a thought. I wish I did it before my mission.

I don't have a lot of stories from this week. It was the first sacrament meeting I didn't have to speak in which was nice.
We were teaching a lesson with an investigator named "H", and a few years back he was a university professor, not religious, but very very intelligent and well respected. He suffered a stroke, and now he is that same man, stuck inside the body of a very slow and broken man. He has a hard time processing his thoughts and then putting them into words, he's slow, and kind of deformed, especially in his face, and his ares are very dim. But he understands everything we say, he feels the spirit, and he's been able to come to church and he likes it. But he's still trying everything out for himself. The other day, at the end of our lesson, we talked about Faith and baptism: The Doctrine of Christ. I invited him to be baptized and he laughed and said he wasn't ready yet, and, with lots of pauses, obviously trying hard to articulate his thoughts, he said something like this. "I have a hard time making sense of things and putting thoughts together, and then saying it, but I was hoping you could help me do that. I want to say the closing prayer." And we helped him through the closing prayer, and it was just a really really humbling experience. The spirit was so strong. Humbling is the only way I can really describe it.

Also, a few days ago, same day, we had two lessons interrupted by naked children running around. That was kind of funny. The kids obviously didn't care. But other wise this week was pretty average. I've been praying for rain constantly, it's been a bad dry season for Portmore this year. Hopefully the rain comes soon, it's been raining more and more every day though. But yeah, same as usual. We get stood up a lot, and lessons fall through every day. We had a day where every single lesson fell through, and even their backups fell through. So that was unfortunate. The KFC here is better than Canadian KFC, I don't know why. I had ginger beer, it's weird here. A lot of ginger, it didn't have much flavor either. I'm learning to eat the bones of my chicken, 'cause that's what they do here. I don't like it yet, but I'm eating the softer bones. I've basically gotten to a point where I can understand the Patois, and I can pretty much interpret the accents now too. I can only blame my daily prayers for that, which is really nice. I've never had Dominos until this week, and I love Dominos pizza now!

We also have an investigator, "I", and she has a baptismal date, but then she told her mom, and her mom said that if she joins our racist cult she'll be kicked out of the house, so we're praying for her as well, because she still wants to join. But we don't want to tear the family apart.

Anyway, I'll send some pictures, I hope all is well! I dream of slurpees and chocolate milk some nights.
Good luck with the last weeks of summer!

Elder Zeck
I'm frying Breadfruit because I'm a master chef
The most delicious I've ever eaten in my whole life other than taco in a bag and slurpee and a lot of other things

Elder and Sister Hall.  She was my YW leader 30 years ago.

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