Monday, August 18, 2014

One month down - second full week in Jamaica

The week went well! I did get a letter from Jared, and one from Jackson I think, but I haven't read it. I'm sure Jared will be fine though, at least he trusts me to come home in two years.Cool! I look forward to the package. And don't bother with gum, I really don't need it.

It's good to hear Jackson and Jared are getting along, and they're longboarding! Which is double awesome! I miss longboarding, my bike breaks down a lot more than my longboard ever did. And it's good to hear about Jordan speaking and being on the (State Youth) council, I really learned to love speaking in church. When I took a talk seriously and spent at least a few days preparing, not just the night before, I always learned a lot. I got in the habit a year ago I think, when I did my scripture study, I made a list of a bunch of topics I wanted to know better, like word of wisdom, or dating, or the priesthood, baptism, whatever. And then whenever I'd do a scripture study, I'd just study that one topic and try to fill up a page with notes and stuff, I use that book still on my mission when we need to whip up a lesson for a last second appointment, so that could be an idea for him if he's interested. My only advice for him, now that he's dating age, is as a first date, to read For Strength of Youth with the girl over ice cream. Chicks dig For Strength of Youth....... I was thinking about it the other day, I'm really disappointed I'll miss his graduation ceremony! I guess that's just how things go. But let him know that if he ever needs anything, to shoot me an email. I know I'm his dumb older brother that just bugged him and teased him for most of his life, but I want him to know that I'm still his older brother. If he ever needs ideas or advice or anything like that, he can just shoot me an email and I'll do that for him. I had some pretty wicked grad ideas that I never got to use, so when the time comes I can totally assist with that.

Yes I'm still using the packing cubes, and the shirts are whatever. I thought about rolling up my sleeves but I don't want to look like a tool. I'm a tool in the hands of God, I'm not just a regular old tool! I'll probably roll up my short sleeved shirts when I get home though. I've thought long and hard about that.

Just use my computer or give it to Jordan, I cleaned it up pretty well and I have a folder full of my stuff, so everything is out of the way for you! And yeah I saw Jared's picture. I really liked it! I wish I had the hard copy version.
Jared's picture

But cool, glad to hear everything at home is going okay! I remembered my camera, and I think my letter today will be shorter. This week hasn't been as eventful. The time is flying by even quicker though, which is neat! The only high point I can think of right now that is worth sharing is about a less active named "L".
I've never given a priesthood blessing before, and this week I gave four! Which is really cool. The first three was for a family, just blessings of comfort and counsel, those were nice. But then we were teaching this less active guy named "L", and my companion suggested we give him a blessing, and asked that I do it. I was nervous, I'd never done one before! So I stutter my way through it, and we leave. I was kind of embarrassed honestly, but I didn't say anything about it afterwards. On Wednesday we were on trades with the zone leaders so I taught in Kingston all evening, and I guess Elder Hunt and the other zone leader that replaced taught "L" that night, and he asked for another blessing because his leg felt so much better after the first one. They thought it was kind of funny because "L" wasn't much to talk about the gospel, or at all for that matter. They explained they couldn't give another priesthood blessing like the first one, and I guess he was pretty disappointed. It feels good to know that what I'm doing is starting to affect people's lives.

So I know you hate me and don't want me to send long letters (I told him to make this week's shorter so he'd have time to send some pictures), so I won't tell you all of my cool stories.
But I had guava fresh off the tree, that was really good.
Ate a lot of Turkey neck this week
Found a mouse living in our kitchen
We had water for two days straight, which is a record
Cut myself shaving for the first time since I left on my mission
My one month mark was a couple days ago.
We're teaching two people now who both have expressed their thanks to us, they truly believe that we have answered their prayers with the gospel of Jesus Christ, one of them already has a baptismal date and we're only two or three lessons in with both.

So yeah, lots of cool stuff! I'll send pictures in a bit.
Tell everyone I love them and stuff

Elder Zeck
James and his MTC Companion, Elder Kuehn saying good bye at the Jamaican Mission Home.
Who's the photobomber?

Elder Zeck with his trainer Elder Hunt with his trainer and his trainer.  James' lineage.

Reunion!!  Elders Zeck and Koegler

James and Michael pre-mission at Moroni's Quest summer 2013 - 13 months ago

The apartment - 4 missionaries, ants, cockroaches, periodic water - cold only, and apparently a mouse

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  1. I love reading Elder Zeck's posts. They are so full of maturity and love. It is going to be so interesting following this blog throughout his mission in Jamaica.