Monday, August 4, 2014

MTC Life

I'm trying to figure out how to mail letters, do I need to put Canada on the letter too? I have one written but I have no idea how, and it's Pioneer day so everything is closed. Kind of a bummer... But yeah, I'm fine and stuff, MTC life is pretty awesome. I've felt the spirit more in the past than I have in my whole entire life, which is weird in a good way. All his mail stuff though is confusing, but I'll figure it out, I like letters better than emails anyway. The shuttle was cool, the lady driver was scary looking and wouldn't talk to me, so it was an awkward hour car ride. The flights were good, just read a lot. I'm considering myself the king of travel because I did all of it by myself. I hope you're done sobbing by now, I stopped a few hours ago, my tear ducts ran out I guess... How was your shopping trip with your new eldest son?

But as for travelling again, zero stress, everything is pretty straight forward. I'm a man mom, and Men do stuff. And I'm doing stuff constantly! All smooth. At one point the engine on the Lethbridge  to Calgary flight made a tearing metal sound and the guy next time had a small heart attack, and he stared at the wing the whole flight. He was really frightened I think, but I thought it was funny. I just went back to sleep. The travel office took a photocopy of my new passport, so I think it's all fine, but I guess I'll find out later this week, when everything isn't closed. it doesn't help that it's my only P day in the MTC and everything is closed. I've already organized all my travel stuff, don't worry! I'll probably be free of slurpees for another two years so you can drink lots for me! And that's good you've cleared through all my stuff. What's it like having so much more space and only having three kids? I'm sure Jared likes having his own room, even though he probably doesn't spend much time in it. How are all the brothers doing?

MTC is good, I've learned a lot about teaching by the spirit. I didn't realize how little doctrine we're learning in class, it's almost all how to teach effectively, which is good. That's what I needed. We have like, five hours of study a day, and like, six hours of class. I'm teaching two 'investigators.' One is Patty, we're teaching her as a whole district, so eight of us. She's  nice and stuff, her son died and she's old so she's looking for religion and we've answered a lot of questions about the spirit world and what sets our church apart and he plan of salvation. She's really nice. My companion and I are teaching an 'investigator' named Jeremy. He's 28 and single and he's working towards baptism. He has word of wisdom issues so we're helping him come to know how the book of mormon can help him out. it's weird teaching Jeremy though, because he's our teacher pretending to be an investigator he taught on his mission. So it was hard transitioning between those two mind sets, but I even come to love these investigators that aren't even real. I've experienced such love for everyone around me. All the missionaries, and even the people of Jamaica, and I haven't met them yet! But yeah MTC is good. Pday is until like, 5, and then I have to teach Jeremy again. and I'm drinking chocolate with every meal, I'm starting to feel kinda sick... So I'll be travelling from 4:30 in the morning to 9 pm on Jareds birthday, hopefully he has an okay birthday with out me, I'm sure he'll be fine haha. I still have his picture and I'm trying really hard to keep it nice and flat, and not crumpled.

Best part of the MTC is just the spirit. My companion is Elder Kuehn, he's really cool, I like him, he's a really funny nice kid. We're room mates with Elder Maxwell and Elder Hall, they're all from Utah areas. We're the only missionaries going to Jamaica, We've all come really close. The other missionaries in our district are going to Calgary Canada, so I answer a lot of questions about maple syrup and accents and weather and stuff. Elder Sorenson and Elder Adams, and then there is Sister Egbert, and Sister Dente. They're all really nice, so I guess be nice to them if they meet you. I've become good friends with everyone. We like calling the MTC our spiritual prison, it's cool, but it's not really fun. I love the atmosphere, but I just want to serve.

Elder Zeck and Elder Kuehn

Down time

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